Sep 26, 2014 1:00 AM

Author: Laura LaMarche

Fall is officially here. The temperature still feels like summer, but the days are getting shorter and it is beginning to smell and look like fall. Running is great during this time of year, but there are some things to consider as we take off for our runs into the colder temperatures.

1. Keep hydrated.

This is very obvious with hot temperatures, but keeping hydrated when it's cold is also very important.

2. Increase your warm-up time.

Speed walk or have a slow jog for 5-10 minutes before you begin your run. Also, consider dynamic warm-up drills like leg swings, high knees, butt kickers, and sidekicks before running.

3. Wear just enough layers.

And (preferably those with wicking material) so you are slightly cold at the start of your run, but wear a warm hat and gloves to protect yourself from excessive heat loss on cooler days.

4. Be seen.

As the days get shorter and you may find yourself running with limited daylight. Wear more reflective clothing, and consider lighted arm/ankle bands or headlights.

5. Stay motivated.

Towards the end of the running season, it is harder to stay motivated. Try downloading books or podcasts to listen to while you run, or make a run date with a friend. Also, consider changing up your routine run to enjoy the fall colors, like a longer weekend run when the peak foliage is happening.

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Laura LaMarche

Laura LaMarche holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy and works at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center.


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