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About Us

The Geriatric Oncology Assessment and pLan (GOAL) Clinic at Huntsman Cancer Institute is for people who are 65 years of age or older who are being treated for cancer. The GOAL clinic will help older patients and their caregivers navigate cancer treatments safely and successfully, regardless of whether the treatment is chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery. Our patients can be at any stage of their treatment and have any kind of cancer. The goal of this service is to identify areas where we can work with you and your healthcare team to address treatment related illness, and help you remain strong to undergo cancer treatment that reflects your concerns, needs, and goals.

For more information, call 801-213-5943.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can visit the clinic?

  • Our clinic serves people who are 65 or older, though a healthcare provider can refer someone who is younger if the person may benefit from further assessment.
  • We work with people who have all types of cancer.
  • At any point in your cancer treatment, you can schedule an appointment. An assessment can be beneficial for patients who are starting treatment, in the middle of treatment, or at the end of treatment.

When I visit the clinic, what will I do?

  • You will have a Geriatric Assessment, which is an examination customized for cancer patients age 65 and older. These assessments tell us how we can help prevent toxicity and keep you functioning independently in your home.
  • We will discuss what is important to you in your life and your health care. We will use this information to help create personalized treatment strategies.
  • We will review your existing advanced care plan and will work with you to make sure that your health care goals and wishes are communicated to your treatment team.
  • We will make recommendations about any interventions or services that will help you during cancer treatment.
  • We will work together to determine your healthcare goals and personal life values and build a custom approach to cancer treatment that optimizes your quality of life.

What may happen after my clinic visit?

Below are some examples of services and resources we may coordinate for you while you are undergoing cancer treatment:

  • Nutrition counseling
  • Strategies to improve your memory and concentration
  • Caregiver assistance: financial concerns, transportation assistance, home health services
  • Spiritual and psychosocial services
  • Monitoring of your overall health during your treatment
  • Referral to our Supportive Oncology & Survivorship program for pain management, psycho-oncology services
  • Referral to our RISE Cancer Rehabilitation program to improve strength, balance and mobility

How does the clinic work with my existing treatment plan?

The clinic does not replace your cancer treatment. We work with your care team to support you during your cancer treatment and come up with the best care plan for you.

Locations & Hours

We are located in the Medical Oncology Clinic at the University of Utah Sugar House Health Center with appointments available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For more information, call 801-213-5943.