Now Taking Physician Referrals

Learn more about patient safety precautions, virtual visit options, and referring physician resources.

Our Process

  • Receive call or faxed orders from provider. Please call if a fax is sent to confirm that it has been received.
  • Check benefits and obtain authorization, as necessary.
  • Coordinate with a Home Health Agency.
  • Review demographics and allergy information and appropriate selection of medication, dosage and delivery device (IV push, gravity, elastomeric device or ambulatory infusion device).
  • Dispense and deliver medications and supplies.


Please include:

  • Clinic note to include history and physical, how and when diagnosed, and what medications the patient has failed. ICD 10 diagnosis code,
  • Latest lab results, and
  • Additional information as required for authorization, as necessary.

Who Can Ask For A Referral?

The Utah Home Infusion Pharmacy accepts referrals directly from the community, including these places:

  • home health or hospice,
  • physician’s offices, or
  • emergency departments.

We also accept referrals throughout the University of Utah Health system. We always provide freedom of choice to our patients.

Within University of Utah Health hospitals, UHIP has infusion specialists who assist with care resource/financial resource assessment and also help coordinate patients' infusion care plans. 

We follow a case management model and provide services to all Utah Medicaid hemophilia patients.

Our Licenses & Services

UHIP is licensed as a pharmacy by the Utah State Board of Pharmacy and accredited by The Joint Commission meeting home care standards. We provide pharmacy services throughout the state of Utah. We provide the highest level of service, quality, and patient-focused care to all patients, health care providers, and members of the patient health care team.

We also work with Huntsman Cancer Institute and have a State of Utah Hemophilia contract.