Breast Health Screenings

Breast Health Screenings

Breast health is just as important for women as a regular physical and pap smear. South Jordan Health Center offers mammogram and breast ultrasound services performed by discrete and experienced radiographers and interpreted by board-certified fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologists/physicians.

Same-Day Results

Immediate same-day results are available Monday through Friday within minutes of having your screening mammogram performed.

3D Mammography

South Jordan Health Center offers breast tomosynthesis, also called 3D mammography, for both screening and diagnostic mammograms. Like standard mammography, it uses x-rays to image the breast, but at multiple angles. The exam takes the same amount of time as the regular two-dimensional screening mammogram and breast compression is still required.

3D mammography can be performed as a part of the standard screening mammogram, which is the only exam shown to decrease the risk of dying from breast cancer, or it can be performed as a part of a diagnostic mammography evaluation for a patient’s breast symptom.

3D Mammography Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Provides the radiologist physician interpreting your exam with additional information.
  • Increased breast cancer detection by approximately 30 percent, especially of invasive breast cancer and particularly for women with dense breast tissue.
  • Decreased likelihood of being called back for an abnormal screening mammogram.
  • Same radiation dose as a standard mammogram with FDA-approved computer processing techniques.
  • Paid for by most insurance companies.

Mammogram Screening Guidelines

Despite recent controversy regarding screening guidelines, at University of Utah Health, we continue to recommend annual screening mammograms for average risk women starting at the age of 40.

Based on accepted long-standing research, mammograms have been shown to decrease the chance of dying from breast cancer in women 40-74 years of age, with the most lives saved in women between 40-49 years of age.

Screening recommendations may be different for women at higher than average risk of breast cancer.

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