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Traumatic Brain Injury Program at Sugar House Health Center


Our outpatient traumatic brain injury (TBI) program helps patients become independent and relearn meaningful life skills after a TBI.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation to test your function in different areas:

  • Balance & coordination
  • Visual perception (how well you can see)
  • Cognition (how easily you can understand & process information)
  • Mobility (how well you can move)
  • Self-care skills
  • Communication skills

We also evaluate how well you are able to rejoin your community.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We work with your medical team to develop an evidence-based treatment plan that is based on your personal goals. Therapy can include a combination of treatment options:

  • Individual sessions
  • Participating in community activities
  • Driving rehabilitation
  • Practice in our wellness program & Brain Gym

Patients have access to nearby parks, stores, restaurants, and public transit so they can practice the skills to help them become independent again.

Multidisciplinary Team

Recovering after a traumatic brain injury requires the expertise of a team of therapists. Our multidisciplinary team includes a variety of specialists:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech language pathologists
A U of U Health provider helps a woman drink from a straw. Her facial muscles are connected to nodes and seen on a screen in the background.

Fund For Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

The Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund was established during the 2012 Utah legislative session. This fund provides support for people with traumatic brain injuries who need physical, occupational, or speech therapy services, or specialized equipment for daily living activities.

What Services Are Provided?

The Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund provides the following services:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy for speech, language, and cognition*
  • Wheelchair evaluations
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Community re-entry
  • Driving evaluations
  • Help returning to work
  • Help returning to school

*Speech therapy is available for people throughout the state of Utah through telemedicine services

Other services are available, but the following services are not covered through the SCI/TBI fund:

  • Physician follow-up
  • Neuropsychology testing
  • Rehabilitation psychology
  • Wellness exercise programs**

**Wellness is provided at a monthly cost.

Who Can Use the Fund?

The SCI/TBI fund is designed to be the “payer of last resort.” This means the fund is intended for people who have no other financial options to pay for therapy or equipment.

For More information or to apply for the fund, please call 801-581-2221. You can also learn more about the fund by visiting the state’s website.

How Do I Quality For Services?

To qualify for the fund, you must take several steps:

  • Have a diagnosis of a traumatic or non-progressive spinal cord injury and/or a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (this must be documented by a doctor)
  • Have a doctor’s referral for therapy
  • Have no other funding sources for therapy
  • Complete an application for eligibility
  • Provide proof of residence in the state of Utah

Monthly Support Group

We also offer a monthly brain injury support group where we feature a different speaker every month. 

Our meetings occur on:
the second Tuesday of every month from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm.

Location: 1280 East Stringham Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 — Oquirrh Conference Room

Please email one of the following people for more information as some dates and times are subject to change:

Cara Moyer

Kara Tucker

Sydney Beadles

Community Based Research

Our therapists and clinicians participate in a number of community-based research projects to make living with a traumatic brain injury easier.

Cannon Cooper

Hear From Our Patients

In June 2019, while on a youth outing, Cameron fell nearly 60 feet in a cave. He sustained several broken bones and a severe traumatic brain injury. The likelihood of living a normal life were slim for the teenager. However, his recovery began to take a turn for the better during his outpatient rehabilitation sessions at the Sugar House Therapy Services clinic. His team of physical therapists pushed him to reach his full recovery potential in a safe, supportive environment. Now, he can walk to school without a wheelchair and race his physical therapist around the track inside the rehab clinic.