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7:30 AM - 7 PM | Monday - Saturday




1280 E. Stringham Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

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Outpatient Therapy in Sugar House

Helping You Recover from Stroke, Concussions, & Traumatic Injuries

Our Sugar House Therapy Services clinic is the only CARF-accredited, outpatient multidisciplinary neurologic specialty clinic in Utah.

As an outpatient rehabilitation center, we help you or your loved one do what's most important to you so you can take care of yourself, work, be active in your community, get back to school, and even drive again. We work with a multitude of patients from ages 14 and up.

We are an outpatient therapy clinic. This means we provide high-quality rehab therapy and services directly in your community so you don't have to travel to a hospital to get the care you need.

Planning Your Visit

We are currently located on the fifth floor of the Sugar House Health Center, which features floor-to-ceiling views of Sugar House Park and the Wasatch Mountains.

We are located at:
1280 E. Stringham Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(Just off I-80 and 1300 East)

Schedule an Appointment With Us

You do not need a referral from your physician to schedule an appointment for physical therapy, unless you need occupational therapy or speech language pathology services. Be sure to check your insurance coverage before making your appointment.


We treat a variety of neurological disorders including:

Services, Treatments, & Programs

We provide the community with an array of services that include:

Improving Patient Outcomes

Sugar House Therapy Services improve patients' cognition, mobility, and daily activities through evidence-based therapy programs. You can learn more about outcomes for our therapy programs.

Care from Expert Therapists

Our expert therapists and clinicians have years of experience treating patients with complex brain and spine injuries, strokes, and amputations. Our clinicians have neurologic certification specialist designations, which means they have special training in treating patients who have suffered neurological conditions because of injury or disease.

Our therapists also participate in community-based research, ensuring that people with traumatic injuries get the community services they need. Our therapists also participate in conferences to expand their training and expertise.

Sugar House Orthopedics Physical Therapy

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our 9,000 square foot clinic has some of the world's most advanced equipment to help you reach your rehabilitation goals. We offer the following equipment:


Cannon Cooper

Meet Our Patients

In June 2019, while on a youth outing, Cannon fell nearly 60 feet in a cave. He sustained several broken bones and a severe traumatic brain injury. The likelihood of living a normal life were slim for the teenager. However, his recovery began to take a turn for the better during his outpatient rehabilitation sessions at the Sugar House Therapy Services clinic. His team of physical therapists pushed him to reach his full recovery potential in a safe, supportive environment. Now, he can walk to school without a wheelchair and race his physical therapist around the track inside the rehab clinic.