Alan S. Crandall, MD, Named Inaugural ASCRS Foundation Chang Humanitarian Award Winner01/08/2018
Moran Researchers Examine Best Hopes for Defeating Diabetic Retinopathy12/21/2017
Research to Prevent Blindness Supports Moran With $575,000 Grant12/18/2017
Mother’s International Search for Answers to Son’s Illness Leads Her to Moran's Albert T. Vitale, MD12/14/2017
Moran Physicians Give the Gift of Sight this Holiday12/02/2017
Lifting the Burden of Blindness: John A. Moran Eye Center Restores Vision to Widowed Mother, 17 Others on Operation Sight Day11/30/2017
New David W. Bernolfo Global Vision Center Extends Moran’s Global Reach 11/27/2017
Promising Young Moran Scientists Awarded Research Money11/26/2017
The Road to End Curable Blindness: Sustainability—Moran Informs at AAO11/22/2017
The Eye or Art: Moran’s Ophthalmic Imaging Department Wins Big at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting11/17/2017
New Moran Eye Center Website Takes Aim at Blindness by Filling Educational Gaps11/07/2017
American Academy of Ophthalmology to Give Moran Physicians Top Honors11/07/2017
Moran CEO Randall J Olson Suggests Improvements for U.S. News & World Report Rankings11/03/2017
Moran Ranked Among Top 12 Programs in the Nation11/02/2017
Moran Eye Center’s Binxing Li Awarded $160,000 BrightFocus Grant 10/09/2017
Oculoplastic Surgeon Douglas P. Marx Joins Moran Eye Center, Brings Pediatric Expertise09/29/2017
Moran Adds Two New Research Labs09/11/2017
Moran Researchers Solve Mystery of How Carotenoid Found In Shrimp Shells, Turtle Fat, and Fish Skin Winds Up In the Human Eye09/06/2017
Patient Support Program Offers eSight and Other Assistive Devices to Low-Vision Patients 09/05/2017
Study Sheds New Light on Protecting Vision in Preemies08/25/2017
Moran Eclipse Glasses Safety Recall08/14/2017
Preeclampsia—A Potentially Fatal Pregnancy Condition—Affects Newborn Preemie’s Fight against ROP08/10/2017
New Research Puts Number of Blind People at 36 Million 08/07/2017
Moran Eye Center Ranked Among Nation’s Top 15 Institutions For Care, Education08/07/2017
Protect Your Vision During the Eclipse07/19/2017
Meet Darran Zenger: Seeing Through Blindness07/18/2017
A Fond Farwell to Retiring International Award Winner and Researcher Robert E. Marc, PhD07/13/2017
Laser Surgery Program Removes Barrier to Independence06/20/2017
A Night without Sight at the Opera 06/20/2017
Moran Researchers Garner Support of Knights Templar06/06/2017
Making Their Mark: Moran Docs Recognized By ARVO, ASCRS06/01/2017
World-Renowned Surgeon and Moran Alumnus Ike Ahmed Calls for Rethinking Glaucoma Treatment05/25/2017
Night for Sight: Supporters Fund Critical Outreach, Set New Fundraiser Record05/16/2017
Moran Eye Center, Utah Lions Eye Bank Lay Foundation for Bolivia’s First Eye Bank05/08/2017
Optical Shop Luxury Eyewear Show & Sale05/01/2017
Moran Eye Center Volunteers Restore Sight to 23 Utahns in Need 04/11/2017
Spreading Knowledge to Save Sight: John A. Moran Eye Center’s Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, Gathers World’s Top Pediatric Eye Surgeons03/23/2017
The Krizaj Lab: Glaucoma Treatment BREAKTHROUGH01/31/2017
Moran Eye Center Receives $115,000 Unrestricted Grant from Research to Prevent Blindness12/27/2016
One Less Limitation: Dr. Amy Lin Gives the Gift of Sight12/21/2016
Moran’s Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, Studies Whether Preeclampsia is a Risk or a Protective Factor in Retinopathy of Prematurity12/01/2016
Green Is Great When Trying To Eat Eye-healthy Foods, But Is More, Better? 10/27/2016
Dr. Alessandra Angelucci Receives NIH Grant10/20/2016
Moran at AAO 2016: Awards, Presentations, & Contributions10/20/2016
Moran’s Operation Sight Celebrates World Sight Day Throughout Utah10/13/2016
Moran Eye Center Opens New Clinic in Farmington10/10/2016
Is Anti-VEGF Always the Best Treatment for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)10/10/2016
Glaucoma and Pelvic Organ Prolapse: How Are These Two Diseases Related? Moran Physician, Barbara Wirostko, MD, Leads a Study to Show the Relationship and Why Treating the Whole Patient Matters09/30/2016
Dry Eye—Not Just a Minor Discomfort. Moran’s Amy Lin, MD, Talks about How to Recognizing Symptoms09/30/2016
Marielle Young, MD, and Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, Collaborate with University of Utah Students Who Develop Video Game to Help Detect Lazy Eye09/06/2016
First in Utah: Revolutionary Post-cataract Surgery Lens Implanted at University of Utah08/29/2016
Moran Moves Up the Ranks in U.S. News & World Report Survey08/04/2016
Randall J Olson, MD Honored at ASCRS 05/09/2016
New Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Risk Model05/01/2016
Albert T. Vitale, MD, Receives Humanitarian Award03/05/2016
Jade Therapeutics: Innovation in Corneal Healing03/01/2016
Alan S. Crandall, MD Honored with AGS Humanitarian Award02/25/2016
Geoff Tabin, MD, Honored with Biosnytrx Thornton Humanitarian Award01/19/2016
Geoff Tabin, MD, Honored with Biosnytrx Thornton Humanitarian Award01/19/2016
Moran Eye Center Awarded Generous Grant from Research to Prevent Blindness01/19/2016
International Study Reveals New Genetic Clues to Age-Related Macular Degeneration12/28/2015
Video game helps treat and diagnose lazy eye in children 12/11/2015
Moran Eye Center Physicians Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards11/20/2015
Moran Eye Center Congratulates Cecinio “Nikko” Ronquillo, Jr., MD, PhD, Recipient of the 2016 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Scholar Award 11/09/2015
3-D Map of the Brain10/26/2015
Inaugural Statewide Charity Surgery Day Restores Sight to 34 Utahns in Need10/13/2015
John A. Moran Eye Center Model for Charitable Care Becomes Multi-Site Day of Service10/09/2015
Utah Sight Day- October 810/07/2015
Moran Resident Brian Stagg, MD, Awarded Elite Fellowship09/30/2015
Johnson Foundation to Support Moran09/30/2015
John A. Moran Eye Center Ranked in Top 10 Ophthalmology Residency Programs09/04/2015
Moran Eye Center Surgical Mission in Haiti to Be Joined by Senator Rand Paul08/10/2015
University of Utah’s John A. Moran Eye Center One of the Top 20 Ophthalmology Departments Nationwide08/03/2015
Go-To Experts in IOL Research for the World06/01/2015
Night For Sight 2015: A Big Thank You05/13/2015
Eye to Eye Exhibit Opens at the Natural History Museum of Utah05/13/2015
Check out VISIONS - An exhibit about "seeing" the world differently04/16/2015
Charity Surgery Day Changes Lives 04/02/2015
David Krizaj, PhD, Discovers Glaucoma Treatments May Also Help Soldiers with Blast Trauma04/01/2015
Marc Lab Honored for Stunning Cell Metabolism Image04/01/2015
Moran Alumnus Named Outstanding Young American03/19/2015
Dr. Paul Bernstein Wins Utah Humanitarian Award02/02/2015
Honoring a Career of Excellence01/20/2015
Call for Art by Visually Impaired Artists01/05/2015
Moran Outreach Team Changes Lives in Guatemala12/18/2014
Jade Therapeutics Names Ophthalmology Pioneer Randall Olson, MD, to its Board of Directors11/20/2014
University of Utah Health Care Best in Class Five Years Running10/24/2014
Celebrate World Sight Day: Take Care of Your Eyes! 10/09/2014
Moran's Latest Charity Surgery Day: 21 Lives Changed10/07/2014
University of Utah's John A. Moran Eye Center a National Model for Providing Local Charitable Care10/02/2014
Shawn Nelson Named Health Care Hero by Utah Business Magazine10/02/2014
Dr. Brian Jones Photo Highlighted in NIH Publication09/18/2014
Science Movie Night Featuring "Duk County Peace is in Sight"09/05/2014
Mission to Guatemala08/22/2014
Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD Honored by Women in Ophthalmology08/18/2014
GOP Presidential Frontrunner to join Moran Eye Center's Charitable Mission to Guatemala08/12/2014
Geoffrey Tabin, MD, awarded the first John E. and Marva M. Warnock Presidential Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology05/06/2014
Randall J. Olson Receives 2014 Rosenblatt Prize05/02/2014
Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, Honored by Women in Ophthalmology04/28/2014
Moran Eye Center Research Team Helps Identify Drug That Restores Sight to Patients With Obesity-Linked Blindness04/22/2014
Robert E. Marc, PhD, Receives Retina Research Foundation's 2014 Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research04/18/2014
Moran Volunteers Deliver the Gift of Sight 03/25/2014
Foundation for Fighting Blindness Low-Vision Update 03/17/2014
Moran Fellow & U of U Medical Student Win NANOS Best Abstract Awards03/13/2014
Moran Eye Center's Voyant Biotherapeutics, LLC, Enters Into Exclusive R&D Collaboration Agreement with Allergan, Inc.02/20/2014
Dr. Wolfgang Baehr & Collaborators Discover Vital Relationship between Thyroid Hormones and Macular Degeneration02/19/2014
Moran's Wolfgang B. Baehr, PhD, received the Proctor Medal 02/13/2014
Kathleen B. Digre, MD: First Hedi Fritz Niggli Visiting Professor at University of Zurich01/24/2014
Researchers at Moran Eye Center Funded by Numerous Grants from Research to Prevent Blindness01/17/2014
Moran's South Sudan Work Featured in AP News Story 01/08/2014
Telescope Implant for Eyes: a First at Moran 01/02/2014
New Board Appointments for Two Moran Researchers12/20/2013
Moran at AAO 201312/04/2013
Jim Gilman, CRA, FOPS, Receives Three Awards for Ophthalmic Photography at AAO11/20/2013
Duk County: Peace is in Sight in the New South Sudan11/12/2013
Moran's Charitable Surgery Day Restores Sight to 17 Patients10/17/2013
Governor Proclaims Utah Sight Day October 1010/08/2013
Moran Researcher Helps to Discover New Risks for Age-Related Macular Degeneration09/26/2013
Three Questions with Moran Eye Center surgeon Mary Elizabeth Hartnett09/24/2013
Moran Eye Center Research Seeks to Understand & Prevent Retinopathy of Prematurity in Pre-term Infants09/19/2013
Dr. Ed Levine Researches Key "Retina-Building Gene" 08/14/2013
Nutrition & Macular Degeneration08/14/2013
Night for Sight 2013: It's a Wrap! 07/19/2013
University of Utah Moran Eye Center Ophthalmologist to Chair NIH Committee07/03/2013
Restoring Sight, Saving Lives06/19/2013
Sight Restoring Work of Moran Eye Center's Dr. Geoffrey Tabin Chronicled in 'Second Suns'06/10/2013
Protect your eyes from the sun05/23/2013
Ongoing Macular Degeneration Study - KUTV's "Fresh Living," February 7, 201302/07/2013
Save the Date: Night for Sight, June 22, 2013 "Second Suns" Coming June 2013: Co-author of Three Cups of Tea writes Random House book about Moran's Dr. Geoff Tabin02/06/2013
Robert Marc, PhD, of the John A. Moran Eye Center Receives Distinguished Professor Rank 05/18/2012
Be Aware: Diabetes Can Lead to Eye Disease05/07/2012
Challenges of Cataract Surgery in Glaucoma Eyes05/07/2012
Moran's Dr. Kathleen Digre & Husband Dr. Michael Varner Receive Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence05/07/2012
Moran CNRA, PhD Student Tatjana Bevans Receives Award for Research on New Form of Anesthesia Delivery05/07/2012
See the Difference 201405/07/2012
University of Utah Researcher to Receive $100,000 from Research to Prevent Blindness05/07/2012
Dr. Alan Crandall Receives Distinguished Surgeon Award05/07/2012
IOL Selection Considerations in Glaucoma Patients05/07/2012
New Information about Usher Syndrome05/07/2012
Utah Population Database Helps Glaucoma Researcher Learn More About Disease05/07/2012
University of Utah's M.E. Hartnett Presents on ROP at ARVO05/07/2012
American Journal of Pathology Publishes Moran Eye Center Research on Retinopathy of Prematurity05/07/2012
Sight Night03/27/2012
Salt Lake City Area Sjögren's Syndrome Support Group Meeting03/13/2012
Salt Lake City Area Sjögren's Syndrome Support Group Meeting03/13/2012
Dr. Kathleen Digre Discussing Idopathic Intercranial Hypertension01/18/2012
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