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New Ophthalmic Hospitalist Position Combines Teaching Moments with Enhanced Patient Care

Resident Mubarik Mohamed, MD, left, and Theresa Long, MD, discuss a case while making rounds at the University of Utah Hospital.
Resident Mubarik Mohamed, MD, left, and Theresa Long, MD, discuss a case while making rounds at the University of Utah Hospital.

As the John A. Moran Eye Center’s first ophthalmic hospitalist, Theresa Long, MD, is breaking new ground in resident education and patient care.

One of only a handful of specialists in the emerging ophthalmic hospitalist field, Long recently completed her residency and a tailor-made anterior segment and ophthalmic hospitalist fellowship at Moran.

In her new role, she conducts inpatient and emergency room consults at University of Utah hospitals and supervises Moran’s consulting residents as they make training rounds. She also provides clinical care and performs surgeries at the Moran Eye Center.

“Theresa is passionate about education, and she’s an advocate for change,” says Jeff Pettey, MD, MBA, Moran’s vice chair of education. “As she runs the hospital eye service, our residents gain mentored experience with complex, vision-threatening issues from a highly trained expert. Our hospital patients are admitted with everything from eye socket fractures to strokes in the eye that require specialized care. Residents follow these patients throughout their hospital stay, armed with in-depth knowledge about their conditions. It’s a win-win for hospital patients and trainees.”

Long will continue to expand her educational role as a lecturer and member of Moran’s resident admissions committee and academic administration.

“I’m excited to work with trainees in hospital settings. This will allow them to learn to assess and manage clinically complex patients experiencing a range of conditions,” says Long. “Every moment of our time on the consult service leads to incredible teaching opportunities.”

Long’s own path, Pettey says, offers a perfect example of the individual approach Moran’s nationally ranked education program takes with trainees.

“We work with them to identify strengths and find ways to invest in their success,” he says. “During Theresa’s residency, she blossomed with some unique skills and strengths, making her the ideal candidate to mentor and pioneer our hospital service.”

Associate Program Director of Education Rachel Simpson, MD, adds: “Theresa is highly contemplative—the type of person who devotes time to think things through and figure out how to ensure we do the best job possible. Her skill set lends itself well to this type of medicine.”

Key Takeaways from Our Ophthalmic Hospitalist