Slipping on an Icy Road

JasinJasin grew up riding horses in team roping events. As a husband and father, Jasin continued the tradition of riding with his own children and wife, Raychel. However, in 2003 his life changed in a fraction of a second while on a trip to a holiday family gathering. The car slid off an icy road and, as Jasin checked for damage, another vehicle slid into him. Jasin was seriously injured with a severe brain injury and was unconscious for a month at University of Utah Hospital.

Jasin's neuro-critical care nurse, Rick, advocated using rigorous breathing exercises when Jasin was struggling to breathe. With the doctor's approval, Rick worked through the night to help Jasin breathe on his own. Jasin and his family believe Rick's attentive care and concern saved Jasin's life.

Committed Family & Nurses

When he came to rehab, Jasin couldn't speak, walk, feed himself, or understand even simple instructions. His future was uncertain, but from the start, his family stayed involved in his care and recovery as he worked with our team. Jasin's rehab nurses utilized his love of sports and horsemanship to motivate him to focus on the small steps that would lead him back to his family.

As he returned home, Jasin's family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors helped him make a smooth transition back to his small rural community. Today Jasin works on the family ranch and coaches football. His wife, Raychel, describes his resolve: "He can't ride in the rodeo because of the accident. But do you think I can keep him away from his horses?”

Jasin's recovery from a severe brain injury seemed like it went hour by hour. As he progressed, he was incredibly motivated to go back home as soon as possible. He set goals with us to work toward; he called them his 'ticket home.' Jasin made tremendous progress. He achieved his goals, he got back to the ranch and has since made even more progress!