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Preparing for Your Joint Replacement Experience


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Joint Academy is an extensive pre-operative education program for joint replacement patients and their friends, family, and care coaches. Over the course of this two hour educational program, patients and their care coaches will learn from a skilled team of medical professionals, with specialties ranging from pain management to physical therapy, on how to ensure the best possible outcome for joint replacement surgery. Joint Academy is engaging, interactive, and completely free of charge.

Watch Videos & Review Your Joint Binder

Our team recommends that all patients watch our educational video series, provided here, prior to surgery. We encourage you to share these videos with family, friends, or your care coach, and to take notes on any questions you may have. Your joint binder, which was distributed to you during your clinic visit, is another excellent resource.

Our surgeons strongly recommend that all patients attend a Joint Academy session prior to undergoing joint replacement surgery. If you haven’t signed up already, call today to schedule attendance at an upcoming Joint Academy session!

Introduction: Preparing for Joint Replacement

Why choose University of Utah Health for your total hip replacement or total knee replacement? Watch the video and read more about things to do before surgery, preparing your home, medications, and more.

Preparing Your Home

Preparing for Surgery

Your Care Coach

Day of Surgery

Anesthesia Choices

Your Hospital Stay

Physical Therapy

Discharge & Follow Up

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