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Improve Health Care With us

We believe that you play an important role in shaping all aspects of healthcare. We partner with patients, families, caregivers, and the community to design health care that is compassionate, personalized, and coordinated. 

One of the ways we design together is through our Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC), Advise Utah, and Patient Design Studio. These groups provide feedback to directly improve health care.

About Patient Design Studio

Patient Design Studio is a group who meets virtually with providers and staff to give feedback on U of U Health projects and share their experiences (called Designers).

We welcome all adults to share their perspectives, including:

  • Patients
  • Family members
  • Caregivers
  • Community leaders and members
  • People who are passionate about improving health care 


  • Review materials prior to attending sessions
  • Ask family or friends for their perspectives
  • Provide guidance by sharing their experiences
  • Use their experiences to give input on projects and initiatives 

In turn, we will: 

  • Seek to recruit Designers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Make it easy for Designers to participate and provide feedback
  • Respect the different perspectives that Designers bring to the conversation; we listen to what Designers have to say, whether it is positive or negative 
  • Update Designers on the impact of their feedback
    • Exam consent process: Designers shared experiences and provided feedback on the process of giving consent for physical exams.
    • CT & MRI scheduling preferences: Designers reviewed the patient scheduling process and gave input on how patients receive instructions.
    • Specialty care location preference: Designers discussed where they prefer to receive specialized care and why they choose those specific locations.
    • New parking structure wayfinding: Designers gave feedback on the design and placement of parking structure signage to improve wayfinding.
    • Hospital falls prevention: Designers reviewed signage designs and provided input on the placement of signage to prevent patient falls.
    • Climate action plan: Designers gave feedback on the University of Utah's Climate Action Plan and how they expect U of U Health to respond to the effects of climate change.
    • MyChart updates and health maintenance reminders: Designers discussed recent updates to MyChart and health maintenance item reminders (e.g., vaccinations, labs, wellness checks, etc.) and provided feedback on preferred communication methods.


  • Designers serve terms of 15 sessions.
  • Designers typically attend one virtual session a month. Sessions are held on the second Monday of the month from 12:00-1:00pm MT and conducted via Zoom.
  • Prior to each session, Designers receive materials to review so they can be ready to discuss the session topic and provide input. Sessions begin with a brief introduction to the topic. Then, Designers share their experiences and provide input.
  • Designers receive $100 compensation for each session they attend.
A woman wearing headphones and smiling at her laptop in a virtual call.


Questions? Email and we will contact you within two business days.

We look forward to partnering with you!