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Providing Access to Specialty Medications & Disease Management

A specialty pharmacy is a state-licensed pharmacy that provides specialty medications. Our teams’ expertise sets us apart as we work to provide you with safe, high-quality health care. This includes the ability to get specialty medication and the knowledge to help you manage and learn about your disease.

We are here to help you with all your medication and home infusion needs. We are a team of health professionals with diverse skills:

  • Pharmacists

  • Pharmacy technicians

  • Nurses

  • Others who help manage your care

We also work with your medical prescriber and insurance provider to provide the best care. We help you understand your insurance benefits and copay responsibilities. We offer a team approach to care for patients with complex diseases that need special medication.  Our specialty pharmacist will educate you on several topics regarding your medication:

  • How to take your medication

  • Ways to track how much medication you take

  • If any of your medication may react poorly with other medications you take

  • Steps you can take to manage your health conditions

Free Medication Delivery

You can get your medication delivered to you. Our pharmacists are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are here to help if you have questions about your medication or supplies.

Pharmacy Contact Information & Hours

University of Utah Health Specialty Pharmacy Services


Toll-free: 844-211-6528
Local: 801-587-2484

A clinical pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.


Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST

Closed on university holidays.

University of Utah Health Home Infusion Services


Toll-free: 877-518-0411
Local: 801-587-8600

A clinical pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.


Mon-Fri: 8:30-6 pm MST
Sat-Sun: 10 am-4 pm MST

Closed on university holidays.

On-Call Pharmacist 24/7

A pharmacist-on-call is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for any question you may have. If you have an emergency or clinical situation, such as side effects or assistance with medications, a pharmacist is available. The on-call pharmacist can also help you with any complaints.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

Our specialty pharmacy offers a variety of services:

  • Prescription refills
  • Medication delivery (Free)
  • Education given on specialty medications
  • Review your insurance benefits and explain medication costs
  • Interpreter services available

Adding your prescription is easy. We can transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy or help you with a new prescription.

Set Up Your Prescription With Us

  1. Call us during our normal business hours and we will start the process. We will contact you to arrange the method and place of delivery that is timely and convenient for you.
  2. You can ask your specialty team member (pharmacist, nurse, or medical provider) to call or send the prescription to us. We will contact you to set up a method and place for us to deliver your medication to you.  
  3. We check your insurance benefits and determine if authorization is needed. We will keep you informed on this process. If we are in-network, we will be able to fill your prescription. If we are out of network, your insurance company may require you to fill it elsewhere.
  4. We share the medication cost with you (co-pay) before filling the prescription. We can also provide the cash price of medication upon request.
  5. Our staff can check to see if you can use any copay assistance.
  6. You will receive a call from us to create a method and place of delivery that is best for you. We provide service for patients in the Mountain West area.
    • For patients who fill at Midvalley Pharmacy, we can ship to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada.
    • For patients who fill at Huntsman Pharmacy, we can ship to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana and Colorado.

    • For patients who fill at Home Infusion Pharmacy, we can ship to Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

  7. Our pharmacist will talk with you before your first medication delivery. During this talk, they will share information about your medication and answer any questions.

  8. Please contact our pharmacists if you have any other questions or concerns:

    • Concerns that your medication has been tampered with

    • If you feel you received the wrong medication

    • If you are having any side effects from your medication 

Ordering Refills

We can send you refill reminders (if you choose). We can also arrange for your medication to be delivered or mailed. You could also pick up your medication at one of our pharmacies.

Getting a prescription refill is simple:

  • Call one of these numbers (toll free)
    • Specialty pharmacy: 1-844-211-6528,
    • Home Infusion pharmacy: 1-877-518-0411,
  • Call the pharmacy where you get your prescriptions, or
  • Have your provider contact us.

You can reach us during normal business hours with any questions or concerns. We can check on a variety of questions regarding your prescription:

  • Your order status

  • Copay amounts

  • Claim submissions

  • Benefit coverage

  • Expected shipping date

  • Report a delivery error, or delay

Medication Delivery

We offer overnight shipping and courier delivery at no extra cost. You can also choose to pick up your medication at our pharmacies.

  • Monday – Friday: Orders take 24 hours to process.

  • Prescriptions ship and arrive within 2 business days.

  • Next-day delivery is available for urgent needs.

We will tell you if there are any delays. We work with you to resolve these issues. Working with you and your provider, we will help you find the best way to receive your medication.

If we need a delivery signature

Some medications will need your signature for delivery.  With these medications, we will work with you to find a delivery time that will work with your schedule.


Pharmacy staff will pack your medication:

  • To protect it from damage

  • Keep it at its needed temperature

Your medication should always arrive sealed to you.

When you receive your delivery, please ensure that everything is in order:

  • Receipt matches what is in the box

  • Supplies are in good condition

  • All medications have a prescription label with your name and Instructions

If you suspect tampering or damage to your package, call us immediately.

Storing Your Medicine

Most injectable and infusion medications need refrigeration. Make sure to open your package as soon as you get it. Store your medication correctly until you are ready to use it.

All medication supplies by U of U health pharmacy will come from a recognized pharmacy wholesaler or directly from the manufacture.

We maintain the highest standards of quality and patient safety. Our pharmacists check all prescription orders. They also check for drug interactions and allergies from the medications you take. 

Payment & Prescription Costs

You can pay at the dispensing pharmacy with a debit card, cash, or money order. Note, however, that Midvalley Pharmacy only accepts debit or credit cards.

You can use a debit or credit card if you have mail order delivery or another method. Our pharmacy has credit card security to ensure your information is safe.  

Prescription costs

Your insurance company decides the amount you must pay (copay). We will provide the estimated cost based on your insurance or medical benefits.

The amount of medication given can also change the cost. You can ask your provider to prescribe the largest supply approved and covered by insurance.

Some medications can only be filled by certain pharmacies. If we are unable to fill your medication, we will notify you. We will work with you to find a pharmacy to fill your medication.

If you cannot afford your medication. Our staff may be able to find a copay and patient assistance to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Other insurance information

Most Medicare Part D prescription plans have a coverage gap (also called the donut hole). This means you will pay a higher cost once you reach the coverage gap.

Some insurance plans may require filling out your medication at a different pharmacy. We will let you know if we cannot fill your prescription as soon as we receive it. We will work with your provider to send the prescription to the new pharmacy.

Insurance company prior authorization

Many specialty drugs need prior authorization before your insurance will pay. Our staff will coordinate the prior authorization paperwork. We will let you know when we have approval or need further action. If we cannot get prior authorization from your insurance, we will notify you and your provider.

Prescription Transfers

If you are currently using another pharmacy to fill your prescriptions and would like to fill your medication at our pharmacy, call us to transfer your prescription.

We will ask you for the information we need to transfer the prescription. If we need a new prescription to fill it, we will contact your provider.

At your request, we can transfer your prescriptions to an outside pharmacy.

Please call us and we will help with the transfer.

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

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