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What Is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is using surgeries to make the body look more normal and restore (or bring back) normal function after an accident or illness. If your body is damaged because of disease, birth defects, trauma, tumors, cancer, or some other condition, a reconstructive surgeon may be able to help you regain what you’ve lost.

Adult & Pediatric Reconstructive Specialists

While having reconstructive surgery is never something a patient chooses, you can choose the best specialists for your condition. University of Utah Health offers specialty trained physicians. Besides their high qualifications and specialized training, our surgeons oversee the most complicated cases that other physicians aren't qualified to perform.

Choose your specialist and use this experience to make your procedure the road to recovery. Put your healing in our hands.

Find a Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

Extremity Reconstruction Helps Relieve Pain and Provide Hope for the Future

Chronic pain was a part of Gary's life. Extremity reconstruction surgery helped provide relief.