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What Is Microtia?

Microtia is a common birth defect where the outer and middle ear don’t fully develop. Instead of a normal external (outer) ear, patients with microtia have a small protrusion or nub that pokes out where their ear should be.

Children with microtia usually have hearing loss. Fortunately, though, their inner ear is often normal. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons can reconstruct your child’s ear and advise you if your child has additional damage on the inside of her ear.

Microtia Treatment

Surgeons use two or more stages to rebuild and shape the ear (also called ear reconstruction surgery). The first stage changes the framework or shape of the ear. The second stage releases the ear framework from the head.

Pediatric Microtia Treatment

For children with ear anomalies such as microtia, surgery is usually done at the age of nine or older. Your child will have more cartilage that can be used for ear reconstruction when he’s older.

If you have questions or would like an evaluation, feel free to request a consultation with our specialists today.

Qualified Facial Plastic Surgeons

Our facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists are leaders in reconstructing ears. We can help you create a customized surgical plan to improve both how your child’s ear looks and how it functions (works) so your child can have good hearing.

To determine if ear reconstruction/microtia treatment is the right decision for you, please schedule an appointment with one of our facial plastic and reconstruction specialists.

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