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What to Expect During Your Interventional Radiology Procedure

Patients will check in at the registration desk in the hospital lobby and be given a wristband. If needed, labs may also be drawn. Patients are then directed to interventional radiology where they will fill out paperwork, change into a gown, and taken back to the procedure room.

The patient will lie on a special table that may move in coordination with the imaging equipment. To allow for better vision of imaging results, the lights may dim and turn off during the procedure. In most cases, patients can expect a lidocaine injection at the insertion site and some moderate sedation. Depending on the specific procedure, patients can expect to spend one to four hours.

How to Care for Drains, Ports, & Tubes


Follow-Up Care

What to Expect After Your Procedure

G-Tube Placement Preparation


  1. Drink the contrast between 6 pm and midnight the evening prior to your procedure. The contrast usually tastes better if it is chilled.
  2. Eat light foods the day before the procedure. Do not eat any solid food seven hours before the procedure time.


  1. You may have clear liquids up to four hours before the procedure. Clear liquids are anything you can see through, such as apple juice, cranberry juice, broth, water—no orange juice, no milk.
  2. Please arrive at your scheduled check in time. This time is about two hours before the actual procedure time to allow for preparations, such as starting an IV and instruction. It also allows for flexibility to start sooner if other cases finish ahead of time.