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Using Leading-Edge Equipment for CT, MRI, Ultrasounds, X-rays, & Other Imaging

Serving people across Utah and the Mountain West, Radiology Services at University of Utah Health offers every clinical imaging subspecialty and provides the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available to diagnose and treat disease. Our highly skilled team of radiologists, nurses, and technologists perform and read over 250,000 exams each year to help our patients and physicians.

We offer the lowest-dose imaging equipment available with a full-time physicist closely monitoring radiation levels for patient safety and quality assurance. Patient care is our chief concern, and we will do everything we can to make your visit safe and comfortable.

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Preparing for Your Appointment & Getting Your Results

In radiology and imaging, the preparation for each procedure is different. Learn more about preparing for the procedure that your doctor has recommended.
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Providers: Access Your Patient's Images Online

We offer our referring providers a secure portal to login and view their patients' imaging records.

Hear From Our Patients & Specialists

Darla Rogers and the Mighty Y-90

It was Mother's Day 2014, and Darla Rogers' celebration wasn't going as planned. Some lower stomach pain had become unbearable. She feared appendicitis, but the source of the pain proved to be much more serious.
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Model Magic: Using 3D to Visualize Complex Surgeries


A few years ago, 30-year-old web designer Jim Vreeken, noticed a little bump on his forehead. A year later, Jim was shocked to learn that this was just one visible manifestation of a tentacled, ping pong ball-sized tumor.

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Surgery with Sound: Star Trek Medicine for Breast Tumors


A woman with a small breast tumor walks into an outpatient appointment with her radiologist and lays face-down on an MRI machine. After an hour of focused ultrasound waves that ablate (burn) every part of the tumor, the tumor is killed.

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