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After Your Procedure

  • Do not use your gastrostomy tube (g-tube) for 24 hours after tube placement.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 24 hours after tube placement; your doctor may order ice chips for you however.
  • Do not shower or take tub baths for 48 hours.


Flush your g-tube with 50 mls of water after 24 hours. Your nurse will show you and your family before you go home. Do this twice a day. If you use your g-tube for feedings or for medications, always follow with 50 mls of water to flush.


Crush all medications that you put through your g-tube. Mix them well with water and flush the tube well after use.

Follow-Up Home Care

Your doctor should be arranging follow-up home care for your g-tube if outside assistance is needed. Please call their office.

Contact Us

Speak to our clinical coordinator for any of your treatment concerns.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am–5 pm  Phone: 801-581-2967

After-Hours Hospital paging operator: 801-581-2121  Ask for the interventional radiology resident on call.

Gastrostomy Tube Site Care

  1. Expect blood-tinged drainage for the first 24 hours.
  2. Avoid heavy lifting or adjusting the external disk for the first few days except to gently clean the area.
  3. Change the dressing around your g-tube daily and anytime the dressing becomes soiled or wet. Keep the site loosely covered until the sutures are removed.
  4. Unless the site continues to have drainage or leaks from around the tube, leave the site open to air after the sutures are removed. If gauze pads are needed to absorb drainage, do not put more than one pad under the external retaining device and change frequently to keep the area dry. Contact the IR coordinator if the site continues to leak or your skin becomes irritated after the sutures are removed.
  5. Clean around the g-tube with half strength peroxide and saline daily with a cotton ball or cotton-tipped applicators to remove any drainage or crusting debris. Keep the site clean and dry until the sutures are removed.
  6. After the sutures are removed, gently rotate the gastrostomy tube 360 degrees daily. In and out play of about one-fourth inch is expected. The retainer should not be pressing tightly against the abdominal wall.

You may shower if you cover the site with plastic and avoid the shower spray on the site itself. After your sutures are removed you may wash in the shower without a dressing. Use soap and water around  the site and be sure to rinse thoroughly. If you find soap irritating you may wash the site using a clean cloth and warm water only.

A light coating of petroleum jelly or A&D ointment may prevent the small amount of normal drainage from drying on the skin so it is easier to remove as needed.

  • Avoid alcohol, as it will remove protective skin oils.
  • Avoid tension of the feeding tube.
  • Do not lie on your left side after tube feedings to reduce the likelihood of leakage from the stoma.

When Should You Call Your Doctor?

Call us if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty flushing your g-tube
  • Bubbling around the insertion site
  • Redness and swelling, bleeding
  • Any other problems that is of concern to you. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if your tube becomes dislodged or is pulled out. Replacing the tube as soon as possible will keep the original tract useable.