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Healthi4You—A Health Video Student Competition

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Healthi4You—A Health Video Student Competition

Aug 19, 2015
Healthi4You is a student competition like Bench to Bedside. But instead of creating medical devices, you’re creating videos that address health issues and ways to take ownership of your own health. It’s a chance to create a multimedia piece for your CV, meet people in other university departments, and win monetary prizes all while helping people become healthier. Jean Shipman from the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library talks about the competition. She will give you a brief overview of the competition, places to find resources to be successful, and some insights on what makes for a winning team.

Episode Transcript

Announcer: We're your daily dose of science, conversation, medicine. This is The Scope, University of Utah Health Sciences Radio.

Interviewer: You know, there's a lot of health information available, but not always in an understandable way. And so to help solve that problem, there's a brand new competition we're going to tell you about where you can win some cash prizes and also some bragging rights called Healthi for You. And we're going to learn a little bit more about that competition right now from the Director of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, Jean Shipman. Let's talk about Healthy for You, which is actually spelled Healthi For You but it's pronounced "ee."

Jean: Right.

Interviewer: So this competition, how did it come about?

Jean: Well, actually Dr. Vivian Leigh, our Senior VP for Health Sciences and CEO of the hospital and dean of the school of medicine said to me, "You know, we really need a lot more patient videos that expressed to our patients about how they can handle their own care, but in multiple languages." And I thought, "Oh, let's mash that up. Let's put patient education or health information and mash it up with students in professional teams and I bet we could have a winning competition."

Interviewer: So how much emphasis is going to be on these videos and other languages?

Jean: We're actually hoping to translate some of the top winning videos if they aren't brought in originally in different languages. But we have the chair of the department here at the university of the language department on our committee that's planning this. She's willing to have the department work with us to get multiple languages.

Interviewer: Let's talk about the competition and what might make a winning entry or a winning team. So from what I understand, the competition's going to start sometime in September and you'll register online. And then, it's go. Go create a health video and you've got a list of topics that you're interested in or that we've identified as this is what we need to talk about.

Jean: Right, we have a whole canvas website and web page that will have all of the information about the competition, but we are envisioning it being teams that are self-formed that are multi-professional, three minimum, so it can be three degrees within the same college or three colleges or what we're envisioning is the students would see what information support they need. So let's say a communications student could help with the messaging. A language student could help with the language variations and also maybe health could help fill in the health message.

Interviewer: Psychology, you could talk to a psychology student or anthropology student about how different cultures think about their health. There are a lot of possibilities.

Jean: There is and we also want to be sure that we recognize the top issues that our healthcare center recognizes through readmissions, through admissions so we have created a list of topics of what we'd like to see the videos deal with, but we haven't limited it to those topics.

Interviewer: So you put together your multi-disciplinary team and also on the website are some templates for the script. So you've done some of the work to help get things going?

Jean: Right. There will be a lot of information on the website. We're actually also engaging all faculty across the campus to include this as possible class assignments so you may be able to get credit for it. That will be up to each individual faculty member. But, in addition to the website, we have a canvas course and that will give the nitty-gritty details including specs for the videos, what kinds of topics we're interested in, what deadlines are, when the competition will end.

And no students should feel threatened by this video competition at all. In fact, there are so many people we have a team of about 20 faculty who have been supporting this competition from day one with meeting monthly and there's just so much information out there so don't hesitate, ask. We'll get you plugged into the right people, the right expert mentors. We have a bunch of faculty willing to mentor.

And the kick off event is going to be September 10th also from 5:00 to 7:00 in the HSCB Alumni Hall and that's really where you can come learn more about the competition, you can meet up with other people who are interested. We'll have a time where you can just mingle and look for team members. We'll have different nametags that will indicate their school, but that's not the only place. After the kickoff, there will be an online place where you can just say, "I'm interested" and we'll help to match up if need be. And we'll also have people who will help you do the videos. Eccles Library has a couple of videographers that are available to actually tape you if you don't want to do your smartphone.

Interviewer: Okay.

Jean: We're not expecting these to be high production. We'll take the leaders, the winners, and make it high production if we need to.

Interviewer: Oh, okay. So even if it's just a proof of concept on an iPhone, that's great?

Jean: Right, we're really looking at messaging as key and an audience reach. How many people would care about this topic and things that we can reuse within our health system and to educate patients throughout the years.

Interviewer: Sounds like a great experience and a way to maybe win a little extra cash and not only that but to have a great production piece in your portfolio

Jean: Exactly.

if you are into communication or that's where you want to head because it's important.

Jean: And a great way to meet other students that you probably wouldn't even interact with on a normal day-to-day basis. So come out and call us if you have questions and just participate. We're eager to have you on board.

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