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S7E4: Balancing Medicine with Non-Medical Partners

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S7E4: Balancing Medicine with Non-Medical Partners

Mar 25, 2024

21.2% of medical students identified as legally married, according to a 2023 report from the AAMC. While marriage between two medical students is common, being in a romantic relationship with a partner not in medicine is not rare either.

Laurel engages in a conversation with their partner, Peter, alongside fellow medical student Telisha and her partner, Ryland, about the challenges and rewards of balancing a career in medicine while maintaining a long-term relationship with a partner outside the field. The discussion highlights the gendered expectations of medicine, the complexities of work-life balance, and strategies for creating a more supportive environment in the medical field for couples, families, and communities alike.

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    Host: Laurel Hiatt

    Guest: Telisha Tausinga, Ryland Tausinga, Peter Prybylski

    Producer: Chloé Nguyễn