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S7E5: Strategies for Change. Implementing Equity in Medical Training

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S7E5: Strategies for Change. Implementing Equity in Medical Training

Apr 08, 2024

Just as patients of color experience unfair treatment in the doctor's office, physicians of color also experience discrimination from patients. As medical trainees, the question of "When can I start implementing meaningful changes and solutions?" is common, yet often met with complex answers.

Lilly and Gitanjali Das, chief neurology resident at University of Utah Health, delve into the critical intersection of social determinants of health and anti-racism education. Together, they explore actionable steps to implement change and advocate for practices that prioritize equity and justice throughout the medical field. From students to attending physicians, the two discuss the various stages of medical training where individuals can actively contribute to creating a more equitable health care system.

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    Host: Lilly Kanishka

    Guest: Gitanjali Das

    Producer: Chloé Nguyễn