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S7E6: Beyond Borders — The Journey of an International Medical Graduate

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S7E6: Beyond Borders — The Journey of an International Medical Graduate

May 06, 2024

1 in 5 U.S. physicians was born and educated abroad, according to the AAMC. Non-U.S. international medical graduates—different from Americans who attend medical school abroad—face various obstacles in getting to and practicing medicine in America.

In S7E6, Nina Mercado Garcia, an international medical graduate from Colombia, joins Hạ to talk about her unique journey into medicine. From her initial decision to pursue medicine in Colombia to navigating the complexities of practicing in the U.S., Nina shares insights into the challenges and barriers faced by international medical graduates, shedding light on the disparities in opportunities and recognition. Nina's story highlights the significance of global collaboration and exchange in the medical field, and her aspiration to leverage the skills and knowledge gained in America to contribute to health care initiatives worldwide.

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    Host: Hạ Lê

    Guest: Nina Mercado Garcia

    Producer: Chloé Nguyễn

    Editor: Mitch Sears