stumbling gracefully through residency

A podcast on diversity and amplifying underrepresented stories and voices in medicine. Hosted by medical residents Harjit Kaur, Margaux Miller, Bushra Hussein, and Leen Samha, BUNDLE OF HERS is honest and thought-provoking conversations about the challenges women and minorities face in the field of medicine.

Latest Episodes

"You Need to Start Saying, 'I Can Do This'"

Sep 24, 2020

It's a strange dynamic when everyone around you gives you praises and compliments, but you're full of negative self-doubt. Words can have the ability to bring you down, but it can also just as easily prop you up. In this mentor moment, Leen shares one of the most important lessons she learned in med...

"It's Your Medical Team... May We Enter?"

Sep 17, 2020

The subjective education taught in medical school can cause medical professionals to presume patients will inherently give their trust, thus allowing us to move freely in their space and examine them without questioning. In this mentor moment, Margaux recalls an informal, but important, lesson ...

"She Didn't Look Like the Professors I Thought I Would See"

Sep 10, 2020

The way someone looks can impact our views of them—but it shouldn't. Someone's words and actions are the things that should matter. In this mentor moment, Harjit remembers a brief but impactful moment that helped her reflect on her own way of viewing the world....

"You Should Say it Without Casting a Shadow of Doubt"

Sep 3, 2020

The encouragement you receive from a young age can have the ability to propel you towards future greatness and success. In this mentor moment, Bushra reminisces on a moment from her childhood that boosted her self confidence and pride and set her on the path of becoming a doctor....

"I Was Meant to be an Emergency Room Physician"

Aug 27, 2020

No matter how passionate you are, doubt from others can do wonders in bringing you down. In this mentor moment, Leen thinks back to a moment she observed as a med student in the emergency room and reflects on how watching someone else's passion reignited hers....

"You Did a Great Job... I Know It's Hard"

Aug 20, 2020

Starting something new can come with a learning curve and imposter syndrome is very real. In this mentor moment, Margaux thinks back to words from a team leader and reflects on how simple words and acts of encouragement can make an immense difference for someone struggling to find their place....

"You Matter, and Your Voice Matters"

Aug 13, 2020

We should remember that we are all connected and intertwined, and so we should be uplifting each other. In this mentor moment—the first in a collection of MENTOR MOMENTS from BUNDLE OF HERS—Harjit remembers words from Oprah Winfrey and reflects on using her own voice as a tool to amplify stories...