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Can the Same Illness Have Different Symptoms?

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Can the Same Illness Have Different Symptoms?

Jan 15, 2019

You had a headache and stuffy nose, but your loved one has a fever and upset stomach. Could it be the same bug? On today's Health Minute, Dr. Tom Miller has the answers about individual symptoms and talks about whether or not you were really the one who got your loved one sick.

Episode Transcript

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Interviewer: All right, here's the scenario. My wife is blaming me for giving her a cold that I had, but her symptoms are completely different. So, Dr. Tom Miller, is it possible for different people to come down with different symptoms from the same bug? Am I really responsible here?

Dr. Miller: People can come up with variations on the theme but caused by the same virus or same bug. Could she have gotten it from you? I would say that if you actually picked it up two weeks ago and you were better in about four or five days, or starting to get better, that she would pick it up a week later, it's possible but probably less likely. And I think the bigger thing is that these viruses tend to circulate in the community. So you could pick it up from somebody at work, you could pick it up in the grocery store. And so what's your best defense? Wash your hands. Wash your hands during the cold and flu season, especially if you're around someone who has a cold. Just make sure you wash your hands frequently.

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