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3 Things Parents Should Know About Concussions

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3 Things Parents Should Know About Concussions

Jun 10, 2021

Concussions are dangerous and something parents and coaches should be concerned about. On this Health Minute, neurosurgeon Dr. Greg Hawryluk offers three things parents and coaches should keep in mind about concussions for youth playing sports.

Episode Transcript

Interviewer: Are you struggling with the decision whether or not you should let your kids play sports because of the danger of concussion? Dr. Greg Hawryluk is a concussion expert and neurosurgeon. Give us your perspective.

Dr. Hawryluk: The first point is that we don't want people to be overly concerned about concussion. There are so many benefits to sporting activities. We're seeing very high rates of childhood obesity. Sports are good for you. We don't want people being pulled out because of fear of concussion.

The second point is that we really want to encourage players to respect their own bodies and the bodies of their competitors. We don't want them using their heads as a battering ram. They need to be using proper tackling technique.

The third point is we really want the coaching staff to have the proper training and experience where they can recognize concussion, they understand the importance of it, and so they know how to take the right steps if concussion happens to one of their athletes.

updated: June 10, 2021
originally published: April 18, 2019