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Lawn Mower Safety

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Lawn Mower Safety

Aug 09, 2021

With warm weather on the horizon and lawns growing again, it’s time to take a minute to discuss lawn mower safety. On today's Health Minute, emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen discusses the most common lawn mower injuries and how to prevent them.

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Episode Transcript

Interviewer: "Lawn Mower Safety, Protecting Against the Expected and Unexpected." Dr. Troy Madsen is an emergency room physician, and based on what you see, what safety precautions should people take while mowing the lawn?

Dr. Madsen: Some of the more common injuries we see come from rocks. Be sure you're wearing close-toed shoes, pants that cover your lower legs, eye protection. Also, if it's your kids that are out there mowing the lawn, look around for any obvious rocks on the lawn. Make sure they know where the sprinkler heads are.

And then, the crazy stuff we sometimes see are finger injuries. People reach under the lawn mower while it's still running, or, they turn the lawn mower off, try and pull some wet grass out from there, and the blade will flip, even though the mower is off, and cause severe finger injuries.

So make sure you take some precautions. Make sure your kids know what to watch out for to prevent a visit to the ER.

updated: August 9, 2021
originally published: June 6, 2017