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Will a Hernia Go Away on Its Own?

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Will a Hernia Go Away on Its Own?

Oct 28, 2021

If you have a hernia and it’s causing you pain, you need to get it treated. Hernias will not go away on their own. Learn what treatment options are available from surgeon Dr. Rodney Barker in 60 seconds on this Health Minute.

Episode Transcript

Interviewer: Will a hernia go away on its own? Dr. Rodney Barker is a hernia expert. So do hernias eventually heal without surgery?

Dr. Barker: No, they don't. It's a defect in the abdominal wall. It's a mechanical issue, and it needs a mechanical fix. Physical therapy, medication won't do anything for it.

Interviewer: If a person has a hernia, should they go in and get it fixed right away?

Dr. Barker: Not necessarily right away. They should have it checked and make sure that's what it is and it's not some other diagnosis. The repair will be a discussion between them and the surgeon as to when it's most desirable to do it.

Interviewer: And sometimes, if somebody notices a small bump that's not giving them any problem that's a hernia, do you ever take a wait-and-see approach?

Dr. Barker: We do. Again, we want to confirm that small bump is a hernia and not an enlarged lymph node or something else. But watchful waiting is an appropriate response.

updated: October 28, 2021
originally published: August 21, 2019