Jul 11, 2017

Announcer: Seven questions, seven answers, it's Seven Questions for a Specialist on The Scope.

Interviewer: All right, it's time for Seven Questions for a Specialist. Today it is physical therapist Randy Carson. Are you ready? I'm going to ask you seven questions. Just answer them as quickly as you can.

Randy: Yeah.

Interviewer: What's the best thing I can do for optimal body function?

Randy: Exercise.

Interviewer: All right. What's the worst thing I can do?

Randy: Eat poorly.

Interviewer: Why is physical therapy so awesome?

Randy: I think it's so awesome because we still have a lot of one-on-one time with patients, where that's pretty rare in the healthcare industry.

Interviewer: What can physical therapy do that most people are unaware of?

Randy: That's a good question. In my area there's probably not a lot. I will say a misconception is that we give a lot of massages.

Interviewer: It's not the case?

Randy: I'm going to turn your question around. That's not the case.

Interviewer: What exercise should everyone do? Is there some exercise that everybody should do?

Randy: Absolutely. Everyone should walk and walk a lot.

Interviewer: What's the most common question you get asked when somebody finds out what you do? You're at a party. What happens after that?

Randy: It usually has to do with shoulder or knee pain and a lot of knee pain when I run.

Interviewer: And they want to know what you can do about it.

Randy: Yes.

Interviewer: What can you do about it, by the way?

Randy: Well, you should definitely get in shape so that you can run instead of trying to run to get in shape.

Interviewer: All right. Why did you specialize in physical therapy?

Randy: It's kind of a funny story. Way back when I was in 7th grade, I decided I wanted to be a PT after watching a news special on someone with a spinal cord injury that learned how to walk again. I decided way back then to do it, and I never turned back. That's the area of the field that I work in 23 years later.

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