Patients come to us with diverse backgrounds, apprehensions, and social and medical needs. We must provide service sensitive to patient needs at all facilities. Demonstrating our organizational core values is important in every contact with patients, families, and friends.

The Volunteer Policies and Procedures are designed to support this important goal. Please read the behavior standards and take a moment to familiarize yourself with our expectations before applying for a volunteer position.

Expectations for Volunteers

  • Agree to a minimum 100 hour commitment with at least an 85 percent attendance rate
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete safety training
  • Complete HIPAA training
  • Arrive on time for scheduled assignments; provide adequate notice to your area supervisor if unable to work your shift; sign in at the information desk VSys terminal; volunteers should stay home when ill to avoid exposing patients unnecessarily
  • Respect and support patients, visitors, staff, and other volunteers by abiding by the hospital and volunteer services rules and guidelines concerning discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of patients, staff, and visitors
  • Adhere to the volunteer services department dress code, which ensures that volunteers' appearance is appropriate and professional; some volunteer jobs have specific dress requirements
  • Attend volunteer orientation, training sessions, and scheduled inservice meetings

Required Immunizations & Tests

All vaccinations and TB Tests are free of charge and can be done at the hospital

  • Tuberculosis blood draw
  • Hepatitis B
  • Chicken pox (varicella)
  • Tetanus and diptheria, Rubeola (measles) and Rubella immunity
  • Annual flu vaccination

Dress Code

Volunteers are required to wear business casual clothing and a University of Utah Health ID badge. Blue jeans, shorts, and open toe shoes are not permitted.


For planned absences, volunteers should give as much notification as possible to the volunteer office and area supervisor(s) (verbal notification is acceptable).

If you're a volunteer and request a leave of absence for four weeks or more, we unfortunatley can't guarantee that you'll still have your volunteer role and time slot when you return.