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About Our Program

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Our staff works together with each patient individually to create a treatment that best suits your needs. Treatment can include medications, lifestyle changes, chemotherapy, or, if needed, organ transplant.


  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluation
  • Skin, heart, kidney, and bone marrow biopsies
  • Advanced cardiac imaging with cardiac MRI, strain echocardiography and nuclear pyrophosphate scanning
  • Advanced tissue staining and analysis
  • Innovative treatment options including access to clinical research trials for AL and transthyretin amyloidosis
  • Interventional options for treatment including stem cell, heart, kidney or liver transplantation
  • Genetic testing and counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • Nutrition counseling

What Makes Treatment Here Different

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Patient Resources

Amyloidosis Support Group

For patients, families, and friends

Join us for:

  • Q & A sessions with amyloidosis experts
  • Tips to maintain quality of life with amyloidosis Information about clinical trials and therapies
  • Group discussions
Learn More About the Support Group

3rd Utah Amyloidosis Symposium

The objective of the Utah Amyloidosis Symposium is to develop a forum that will catalyze, advocate, and provide education that promotes change, development and improvement for the early diagnosis and management of amyloidosis.

View the Amyloidosis Symposium

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We want to help not just our patients, but the amyloidosis community. Feel free to contact us with any questions or advice:

  • Physicians  Contact us for new patient referrals for advice on evaluating or managing all types amyloidosis patients
  • Patients  Contact us for information about all types of amyloidosis and treatment recommendations, information about our multidisciplinary program approach or to self-refer to our program for amyloidosis management
  • Others  Contact us for any information about amyloidosis or our program

For More Information, Call or Email Us:

Kylee Lewis

New Patient Coordinator

Utah Amyloidosis Nurses