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Healthy for Good (HFG) is a healthy living movement created by the American Heart Association. University of Utah Health is a sponsor for HFG.

HFG encourages people to live healthier lives and create lasting change. The program uses evidence-based behavioral science to maximize health impact. HFG provides:

  • healthy living recommendations,
  • simple-to-understand advice,
  • tools, tips and
  • shareable information.
Lillian Khor, MD
Our partnership with the American Heart Association and sponsorship of the Healthy for Good movement not only promotes a healthy lifestyle to reduce your risk of heart disease, but these simple changes can improve your overall health and prevent other diseases as well.
Lillian Khor, MBBCH, MSC Cardiologist at U of U Health

Four Pillars of Healthy For Good

HFG has identified four pillars to help you take care of your health. Taking better care of your health will help prevent disease and allow you to live a higher quality of life

1. Eat Smart

Make healthy, delicious choices wherever and whenever you eat.

2. Add Color

Make life more colorful with fruits and vegetables.

3. Move More

Infuse more movement into your life for optimal health.

4. Be Well

Create balance, vitality, and wellbeing through self-care.

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