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Brent L. Clyde

Brent L. Clyde, MD

Languages spoken: English

Clinical Locations

University of Utah Hospital

Salt Lake City
  • Specialties

    Board Certification

    American Board of Neurological Surgery (Neurosurg)
  • Board Certification and Academic Information

    Academic Departments Neurosurgery -Primary
    Board Certification
    American Board of Neurological Surgery (Neurosurg)

    Education history

    Residency Neurological Surgery - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Chief Resident
    Neurological Surgery - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Senior Resident
    Residency Neurological Surgery - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Junior Resident
    General Surgery - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Intern
    Professional Medical Medicine - Duke University School of Medicine M.D.
    Biochemistry - University of California Los Angeles B.S.
    Undergraduate Moorpark Junior College

    Selected Publications

    Journal Article

    1. Ahmad F, Brubaker M, Rajendraprasad SS, Hoeynck B, Clyde BL, Velagapudi M (2021). Challenges in the Management of Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections in Patients With Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt. Cureus, 13(8), e17035. (Read full article)
    2. Klimov VS, Kelmakov VV, Clyde BL, Evsyukov AV, Loparev EA, Amelina EV, Bervitskiy AV, Ponomarenko AP, Rzaev JA (2021). Long-term clinical and radiological outcomes of anterior uncoforaminotomy for unilateral single-level cervical radiculopathy: retrospective cohort study. Spine J, 21(6), 915-923. (Read full article)
    3. Gerszten PC, Witham TF, Clyde BL, Welch WC (2002). Relationship between type of health insurance and time to inpatient rehabilitation placement for surgical subspecialty patients. Am J Med Qual, 16(6), 212-5. (Read full article)
    4. McLaughlin MR, Jannetta PJ, Clyde BL, Subach BR, Comey CH, Resnick DK (1999). Microvascular decompression of cranial nerves: lessons learned after 4400 operations. J Neurosurg, 90(1), 1-8. (Read full article)
    5. Pollock BE, Lunsford LD, Flickinger JC, Clyde BL, Kondziolka D (1998). Vestibular schwannoma management. Part I. Failed microsurgery and the role of delayed stereotactic radiosurgery. J Neurosurg, 89(6), 944-8. (Read full article)
    6. Levy EI, Clyde B, McLaughlin MR, Jannetta PJ (1998). Microvascular decompression of the left lateral medulla oblongata for severe refractory neurogenic hypertension. Neurosurgery, 43(1), 1-6; discussion 6-9. (Read full article)
    7. Lowry DW, Pollack IF, Clyde B, Albright AL, Adelson PD (1997). Upper cervical spine fusion in the pediatric population. J Neurosurg, 87(5), 671-6. (Read full article)
    8. Adelson PD, Clyde B, Kochanek PM, Wisniewski SR, Marion DW, Yonas H (1997). Cerebrovascular response in infants and young children following severe traumatic brain injury: a preliminary report. Pediatr Neurosurg, 26(4), 200-7. (Read full article)
    9. Przybylski GJ, Clyde BL, Fitz CR (1996). Craniocervical junction subarachnoid hemorrhage associated with atlanto-occipital dislocation. Spine (Phila Pa 1976), 21(15), 1761-8. (Read full article)
    10. Clyde BL, Resnick DK, Yonas H, Smith HA, Kaufmann AM (1996). The relationship of blood velocity as measured by transcranial doppler ultrasonography to cerebral blood flow as determined by stable xenon computed tomographic studies after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Neurosurgery, 38(5), 896-904; discussion 904-5. (Read full article)
    11. Clyde BL, Firlik AD, Kaufmann AM, Spearman MP, Yonas H (1996). Paradoxical aggravation of vasospasm with papaverine infusion following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Case report. J Neurosurg, 84(4), 690-5. (Read full article)
    12. Clyde BL, Albright AL (1995). Evidence for a patent fibrous tract in fractured, outgrown, or disconnected ventriculoperitoneal shunts. Pediatr Neurosurg, 23(1), 20-5. (Read full article)
    13. Clyde BL, Stechison MT (1995). Repair of temporosphenoidal encephalocele with a vascularized split calvarial cranioplasty: technical case report. Neurosurgery, 36(1), 202-6; discussion 206. (Read full article)
    14. Welch WC, Erhard R, Clyde B, Jacobs GB (1994). Systemic malignancy presenting as neck and shoulder pain. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 75(8), 918-20. (Read full article)
    15. Clyde BL, Chang LY, Auten RL, Ho YS, Crapo JD (1993). Distribution of manganese superoxide dismutase mRNA in normal and hyperoxic rat lung. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol, 8(5), 530-7. (Read full article)


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