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How to Get Ready for Ski Season - Ski Exercises

Ski Exercises

Skiing and snowboarding are one of the great things about winter. However, if your body isn't prepared to get you down the slopes, your season can be shortened by injury, which is not what you want. That's why it's important to keep conditioned before, during and after ski season.

University of Utah Health is committed to keeping you in tip top shape as you jump into winter sports. From one leg deadlifts to squats, Physical Therapist Linda Scholl is here to provide some tips and tricks to make the transition into winter injury free.

Oh, and don't forget to warm with 10 minutes of light cardio before.

Best Exercises for Ski Season

Ski exercises infographic

Ski Conditioning Classes

If you feel as you need more guidance in your training, U of U Health offers ski conditioning and winter fitness classes. The ski fitness class was designed to educate and prepare you for a stronger and healthier ski and snowboard season.

Learn more about these classes and sign up.