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10 Ways to Celebrate Easter or Passover During a Pandemic

Apr 13, 2022

and prayer can be a great way to calm your nerves, reduce stress and anxiety, and find peace. No matter your beliefs, you can spend some time reflecting on things you're grateful for, or simply take some deep breaths and observe what you're feeling physically or emotionally.

Many local churches offer livestreams of their services so you can take part without ever leaving your home. See if your congregation has any special Easter or Passover events online, or check out a service from another faith to learn how they celebrate.

Nothing lifts the spirits like music. Create a playlist of music centered around Easter or Passover (or even just songs that make you smile!) and play it around your house while you go about your day.

A quick online search brings back hundreds of results for fun, simple crafts you can make with items you already have lying around the house. Use craft paint and balloons to make colorful "Easter eggs," design a personalized afikomen bag out of felt, or turn cut-up egg cartons and colored paper into cute baby chicks.