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As part of a world-renowned academic health system, the University of Utah Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) focuses on transformative discovery through research, excellence in mental health training and education, and exceptional mental health care for patients and their families.

HMHI’s hospital facility, formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute, offers a safe and healing environment and provides a continuum of mental health care. HMHI researchers are a pioneering force in expanding understanding of the complex functions of the brain to better serve current and future patients and the broader community. HMHI academic programs are devoted to caregiver education and training the next generation of exceptional physicians.

Our Legacy & History

A Historic Gift

In November 2019, the University of Utah announced a historic commitment of $150 million from the Huntsman Foundation to establish Huntsman Mental Health Institute. HMHI will build on the reputation and excellence of the University's full-service psychiatric hospital, formerly University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI), its network of outpatient clinics, and the Department of Psychiatry, to become a national model for mental health education, research, treatment, and care.

Initially, HMHI will work on expanding academic programs, growing research initiatives, and building clinical programs focused on young adults.

“It is past time to change the stigma and misperceptions about mental health.”
— Peter R. Huntsman, CEO, Huntsman Foundation

You can positively impact the lives of those in a mental health crisis.

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