New Approaches to Mental Health for Renewed Hope

More than 51 million adults in this country live with mental illness.  People of all ages, races, and backgrounds are struggling—and, along with them, their loved ones. Yet fewer than half receive treatment because there aren’t enough mental health professionals, they can’t afford care, or would rather suffer alone than face stigma and discrimination. 

We believe there’s a better way to tackle these tough problems and transform the lives of those who are struggling. While mental illness is a human problem, we’ve found that people are also the solution — so we’re bringing together the brightest minds in mental health research, clinical care, education, and throughout the community. Together, we boldly aspire to eliminate stigma, revolutionize patient outcomes, inspire hope, and bring healing to people and populations who have desperately needed it for far too long.


Huntsman Mental Health Institute is working to change the way we view and treat mental illness. We aim to eliminate stigma. Develop new ways to treat young people. Provide care for the disenfranchised. Reach our rural communities. And partner with the community to change mental health care for our country, and perhaps the world.

Mark H. Rapaport, MD
CEO, Huntsman Mental Health Institute
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The Other Pandemic

Mental Health During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has raged since early 2020, with no end in sight. At the same time, an associated decline in mental health has created “a second pandemic,” says Mark Rapaport, MD, CEO of HMHI and chair of the Department of Psychiatry.

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In This Report

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Who We Are & What We Do
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Standing Together
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Making Care Accessible
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Understanding the Brain
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Our Next Generation
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Hope Through Generosity


HMHI's vision is to free the world from mental health stigma, bring an end to suffering, and integrate mind and body to improve life for every person.
icon-about-white.pngABOUT HMHI
Striving for a World Free from Stigma and Suffering

Who We Are

From educators, researchers, and mental health professionals to the organizations we partner with across the state, we’re here to shine a light on mental health and bring dignity and quality care to the children, adolescents, adults, and families we support every day.

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Infographic about HMHI's faculty, staff, and students

I’m proud of our long history, our culture of quality service and collaboration, the strength of our faculty, our innovations, and all the tremendous people who make HMHI the best place for mental health care, training, and research.

Ross Van Vranken
Executive Director, Huntsman Mental Health Institute
What We Do at HMHI infographic

What We Do

In 2021, COVID-19 continued to have a major impact on the mental health care industry. Despite the challenges, HMHI remained committed to ensuring Utahns had continued access to the care they needed. Outpatient clinics ramped up telehealth to keep patients and clinicians safe while the inpatient hospital stayed nimble and flexible.

Standing Together to Transform Mental Health

A Message from the Huntsman Family

Huntsman Mental Health Institute's vision to transform mental health care is made possible by a generous $150 million donation from the Huntsman family. Their hope for the community is to deepen our understanding of mental health and brain health, find real solutions for those suffering from mental illness, and stand up to the associated stigma and discrimination.

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Jon and Karen Huntsman family, 2008
Our safe and healing inpatient hospital, network of clinics, and specialty services provide a continuum of care for people who need mental health care in the Mountain West and beyond.
Making Mental Health Care Accessible to Everyone
Locations of all HMHI Clinical Programs in Utah and Idaho

Where We Are

HMHI has 20 locations that provide clinical programs and services and we work in 10 community health clinics to integrate mental health services with primary care and family care providers.

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With the recent Huntsman family gift, we have an amazing opportunity to expand our efforts. We can create a place where everyone gets the mental health treatment they need—in Utah, in the surrounding region, and ultimately in the United States and beyond. And we’ll do that through clinical care, starting at an early age.

Jim Ashworth, MD
Executive Vice Chair, Huntsman Mental Health Institute
Our collaborative teams explore complex functions and genetics related to the brain and develop meaningful therapies to predict, prevent, and treat disease.
Understanding the Secrets of the Brain
Architectural rendering of the Translational Research Building

Translating Research into Care

Utah lawmakers approved $90 million for the 185,000-square-foot Translational Research Building that will sit behind the current HMHI hospital in Research Park. HMHI will combine that funding with $65 million from the Utah philanthropic community to move Utah to the forefront of mental health research and care.

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To improve prevention and treatment, we need to ask the right questions and search for answers in innovative ways. Our researchers develop and apply the most advanced methods in genetics, imaging, epidemiology, and big data analysis to decipher complex mental health challenges.

Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, PhD
Vice Chair of Research
We’re committed to educating caregivers and training tomorrow’s exceptional physicians and mental health clinicians.
Investing in Our Next Generation
Fellows of the Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry Training Program

Training Tomorrow's Leaders in Addiction Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine

While most medical professionals know someone impacted by addiction or have even lost a friend or family member to it, not many are aware that they can be part of the solution. In addition to the Addiction Recovery Services offered by HMHI, the Department of Psychiatry gives residents the opportunity to train in Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry to help those battling substance use disorders and addiction through our fellowship programs.

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As an academic health system, education is at our foundation. And it fuels our innovations, as well. To achieve our mission of transforming mental health, the Department of Psychiatry works to address the shortage of providers in Utah through our innovative training and education programs.

Kristi Kleinschmit, MD
Vice Chair of Education
"Mental health is a big, complicated, challenging problem. We’re going to need a lot of resources beyond the gift we made to tackle this problem."
David Huntsman, President and COO, Huntsman Foundation
Offering Hope Through Generosity

A Community Committed to Transforming Mental Health


The Huntsman Family

When the Huntsman siblings gathered to talk about what they could do with their father’s foundation, there was one seat missing - a sister, who they lost 11 years ago due to substance abuse. Her absence prompted the $150 million gift that created the Huntsman Mental Health Institute and its mission to transform mental health.

Cecelia H. Foxley, PhD

“When the Huntsman family established HMHI, I just had to donate. Especially now with COVID-19, we’re facing a wave of people experiencing mental health challenges. With their very skilled mental health professionals, HMHI will be able to provide essential care and help so many more people achieve the healthy lives they deserve.”

Kem and Carolyn Gardner

After attending an event celebrating the groundbreaking of the new Mental Health Crisis Care Center in South Salt Lake, the Gardners made a generous gift to support the Center and expand the facility to include more programs and services. “I believe this Center is very much needed in our community," said Kem Gardner.

Join us and make a life-changing donation

Utah ranked last in the country for mental health, based on the prevalence of issues among adults and the limited access to care, according to a 2019 report from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah.

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute plans to change that—not only in Utah but in the surrounding states and the country. Our aim is to set the gold standard for care, research, education, and community outreach and serve as a model for other states.

The pandemic taught us that none of us can go it alone. We need our families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to get through tough times and help people who are suffering. We need professionals, partners, resources, and programs to support recovery.

With a community commitment, the possibilities are infinite. Together, we can transform mental health and the lives of people everywhere.

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