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A Year of Transformative Care, Bold Partnership, and Widespread Healing: HMHI releases 2022 Annual Report

Today, Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) released its 2022 Annual Report, highlighting the groundbreaking and critical work done by the Institute’s 1,644 medical faculty, staff, students, and trainees.  

“In the past year, HMHI has created key collaborations with partners in the private and public sector to increase access to mental health care and initiate plans to decrease the mental health worker shortage,” says Mark Rapaport, M.D., CEO of HMHI. “We’re working across disciplines to develop better and new interventions and approaches to complex syndromes, prevent suicide, and eliminate stigma. Together, we can provide hope, healing, and the chance for those suffering from poor mental health to live the dignified lives they deserve.”

The HMHI Impact: By the Numbers

In 2022, HMHI saw 16,847 unique patients—63,045 visits in total—at more than 20 locations across Utah and Idaho. Patients came from 27 counties in Utah and 48 states to seek treatment for several different types of conditions, including suicidal ideation, major depressive disorder, opioid dependence, eating disorder, and more.  

Some other highlights from the annual report include HMHI’s work to:  

  • Raise the public profile of mental health.  
    HMHI is increasing awareness around the gaps in mental health services and making care more accessible by extending our crisis services, including collaborating with state and national partners to ensure quality of care with the 2022 rollout of Utah’s 988 mental health crisis line. HMHI is also extending the SafeUT program, which performed 349 lifesaving interventions in 2022.  

  • Build the mental health workforce.  
    HMHI offers several unique training services for crisis workers, nurses, pharmacy residents, social work interns, Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) interns, and medical assistant externs. HMHI also partners with higher education institutions to put programs in place—including crisis worker certification—to strengthen the mental health workforce and ensure that everyone can get the right care when they need it.  

  • Foster a culture of partnership and discovery.  
    HMHI leads in bold partnership and groundbreaking research. It is the largest site for the National Institutes of Health-funded Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, which resulted in five years of valuable data regarding adolescent mental health. Furthermore, HMHI’s work with Huntsman Cancer Institute to characterize and treat the mental health impacts of cancer on patients has resulted in two annual $25,000 seed grants.  

  • Connect Utah’s mental health resources.  
    HMHI partners with communities and mental health workers across the state to facilitate communication and adoption of new treatments by sharing resources and best practices. The institute is working with Utah schools to help create more effective mental health systems through training, technical support, and brain health curriculum development and with regional health centers to offer care for Utahns in rural areas like Moab, Price, and Blanding.  

  • Help bring appropriate care to all groups.  
    All people, no matter their homeland, language, or circumstances, deserve appropriate and respectful care. HMHI has built many bridges, including outreach to Latino and young communities in Park City.  

“Too many of our neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, and fellow humans are experiencing a severe mental health condition,” says David Huntsman, President and COO of the Huntsman Mental Health Foundation. “We at the foundation and HMHI are dedicated to providing the mental health services that people so desperately need. We’re grateful for the donations and partnerships that help us achieve our mission.”

Looking Forward

Looking forward, HMHI will continue working to transform mental and brain health through three primary programs:  

  • A national campaign, which will combat stigma around mental health and substance use disorder and encourage those suffering to get help.  

“The Huntsman Foundation recognizes that every family is touched in some way by someone who is struggling with their mental health,” says Christena Huntsman Durham, Executive Vice President of the Huntsman Mental Health Foundation. “We are so proud to work with HMHI in their efforts to stop the stigma surrounding mental health so people will feel more empowered to seek help. We recognize HMHI for their groundbreaking and holistic ways of treating patients. Through their extensive research, HMHI will transform lives around the globe. We see no limits to what this visionary organization can accomplish.”  

More highlights, stories, and updates can be found in the 2022 HMHI Annual Report, which is available for download.  

About Huntsman Mental Health Institute  

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) was established in 2021 following the Huntsman Foundation's historic gift of $150 million to the University of Utah. HMHI is a university-wide Institute with a reputation throughout the Mountain West as a leader in advanced psychiatric treatment and care, serving a diverse population from young children to geriatric patients. Researchers at HMHI develop and apply the most advanced methods in genetics, imaging, epidemiology, and big data analysis. HMHI is also the regional training center for psychiatry and other mental health disciplines. HMHI’s main 170-bed full-service hospital is adjacent to the University of Utah campus, and HMHI’s 1,644 faculty, staff, and students provide clinical, research, and training programs in more than 20 locations across Utah and Idaho.   

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