Safe Care Transition Follow-Up Program

After a behavioral health crisis, your friend or family member’s risk for harm is higher. At this time they are transitioning:

  • after a crisis evaluation,
  • a discharge from an emergency room/department, or
  • discharge from a hospital or inpatient setting.

Our Safe Care Transition Follow-up Program helps provide safety and support for you, your friends, and family as you return to the community.

We have this program because research shows that follow-up contacts help to:

  • Lower the rates of suicide and/or suicide attempts and behaviors following an inpatient or emergency department discharge.
  • Increase participation in continuing mental health treatment.

To Enroll in This Program

To be part of this program, you must have:

  • been recently checked out of (discharged from) a hospital,
  • be 10 years or older, and
  • had any level of suicidal thoughts or intentions.

Hospitals that are part of this program are:

You can also enroll if:

  • you are 18 years and older and
  • have recently been at the Clinical Assessment Center (CAC) at HMHI.

Follow-Up Contact

Our mental health professionals will make four follow-up contacts by phone over 90 days after you have been released. Our mental health professionals will call at intervals between:

  • one–three days,
  • seven–10 days,
  • 30–60 days, and
  • 60–90 days after discharge.

During these calls we provide support, resources, risk assessment, and crisis intervention as you need them. We can give you more follow-up contacts if you need or request them.

Follow-Up Teens & Youth

For youth ages 10-17, we make follow-up calls to the parent or guardian. However, if the child is older than 12 years old, the parent or guardian may choose to grant permission for us to speak with their child directly.

If you are interested in enrolling, please talk to a member of your hospital’s treatment team. (Remember, your hospital must be one of the three listed above.)

HMHI Receiving Center

The Receiving Center at HMHI is a program where you or a loved one (age 18 or older) will receive supportive services to help manage your mental health crisis. Care is individualized to the needs of each person. Our program offers:

  • crisis evaluation focused on understanding your needs.
  • psychiatric assessment of your mental health condition.
  • medication prescriptions for stabilizing your symptoms, if needed
  • solution-focused therapy, peer support, and case management.
  • recommendations for next steps and connection to ongoing support.
  • crisis observation for up to 23 hours, if needed.

HMHI’s Receiving Center staff is made up of psychiatrists, physician assistants, advance practice nurses, social workers, certified crisis workers, certified peer specialists, and psychiatric technicians. If you have any questions or want to check availability, please call 801-587-7988. We are available 24/7.

Contact our CrisisLine