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Patient & Family Testimonials

“I cannot express how pleased we are with the job [HMHI] has done here. From intake to discharge, the people, the program, the communication and, most importantly, the outcome has been fantastic. Just incredible.”

“Dear Dr. Whitehouse: I think of you often, and have been meaning to write you a thank you note for the extraordinary assistance you rendered to my child and wise counsel to me during the time she was at [HMHI].”

“I am grateful for the services that were provided to my child in CAT. Your program and its staff were caring, thoughtful, and at the same time, no-nonsense when needed.

There are so few programs available like yours that it was well worth making the long distance trips to obtain the care that my child needed.

The psychiatrists are top notch and communicated frequently with us. The setting and physical property is as warm and inviting as a closed ward could be. My child still mentions [HMHI] with appreciation. He got what he needed.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance with our child while he was at [HMHI]. It provided a lot of comfort and peace for me while he was so far away from home.”

“Our experience at [HMHI] was world-class. Our child was loved and cared for in a way that was incredible and reassuring. We couldn't have been any luckier or more thankful to you and the team for your work with him. Thank you.

You have provided an invaluable touch stone and safe anchor for our tiny lifeboat.

Thank you for seeing and acknowledging the lifeboat metaphor. It is a completely accurate picture of a life with our child. We are hoping and praying that the rescue ship will give us respite and more hope for the future.”

“Much gratitude and praise to you for your life's work. It makes a difference. A significant difference, especially to us.”

“We are extremely pleased with [HMHI]'s CAT program. We feel that the care and treatment our child received while in the CAT program was far superior to that of any other program or facility.

Without the comprehensive evaluation and treatment and the coordination of an aftercare plan facilitated by his treatment team, we know our son would not be making the positive strides that he is today.

We finally feel like we have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan after searching for help for such a long time.”

“I just finished reading the discharge report you provided and am thrilled that my client has received such a complete and comprehensive evaluation. The fact that you and your staff were able to observe and understand the confounding symptoms we have been dealing with is an immense relief. I have to say, your analysis and conclusion just feel right to me, as I felt confident from my interactions with my client that much of what she was demonstrating through her actions was outside of her awareness and control. There were times, when she was feeling most despondent and helpless, that my heart just broke for her. I look forward to seeing her in an appropriate placement where she can be nurtured and receive the supports that she needs.”

“I wanted to tell you how blessed we were to have found you. Your guidance and direction in our case proved to be key in getting our son the proper assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

The staff at [HMHI] was absolutely exceptional. We never expected that he would be in the care of such competence and expertise.

In fact, when he was admitted to [HMHI], he was a very depressed, suicidal, homicidal, anxiety-ridden, self-harming individual, who was using various substances in order to self-medicate. To make matters worse, he was being treated for schizoaffective disorder, which turned out to be an inaccurate diagnosis. But by the time he left [HMHI], he was being treated for Asperger’s syndrome and was finally on an effective medication to treat his depression. Furthermore, his suicidal thoughts had subsided, and his homicidal thoughts had disappeared.”

“Our experience with the CAT program at [HMHI] was terrific. From beginning to end we felt well taken care of and supported.”

“The intake was well organized, efficient, and compassionate. Our daughter’s care team, Dr. Gilley and Dr. Connelly, were amazing beyond words. Our daughter felt safe, she got a lot out of the groups and programs, and said in her own words, that the staff was 'very competent.'

Every time we called in with a question or to speak to our daughter, the nurses and staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They knew who she was and what was going on without having to consult a chart, and they recognized us and acknowledged us when we were on the unit.

Our daughter reported that the food was good and the rooms were comfortable. And for her, she appreciated having her own room. Even though the unit did get a little crowded at various points during her stay, it felt like the level of her care remained adequate.”

“Enough cannot be said about Dr. Gilley and Dr. Connelly. They were attentive and compassionate, and made us feel that they truly cared about us and our daughter. They were very responsive and communicated with us clearly and often. The daily update calls from Dr. Gilley kept us abreast of what was happening and made us feel that we were important. They patiently explained our daughter’s diagnosis to us and helped us to understand how they determined her diagnosis and what it meant for her moving forward.”

“Thank you so very much for your assistance. Her family and I are extremely grateful to the team of professionals at [HMHI] who clearly worked diligently to get us the information we needed.”  —Clinical Social Worker

"We have assessments galore…I agree with your diagnosis that [my client] has a Bipolar Disorder and has not been properly diagnosed in the past. The CAT program, and your assessments, etc. made our lives a piece of cake, when it came to setting up our student’s IEP. Thanks!” —Program Owner and Director

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the guidance and support that you have provided for my family and to me the past three weeks. Having to come to yet another treatment center with my parent still so far away was difficult for me, but thanks to you and the rest of my treatment team, it has ended up being a very positive experience. Thank you for that.

I appreciate the time and effort you have dedicated to making accommodations for me (the extra phone call situation) and helping my transition back to [RTC] be as smooth as possible.

I have been to several short-term treatment centers over the years and this has definitely been the most impressive one. I will never forget you or the progress you have helped me make over the past weeks."