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Virtual Fitness Classes

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PEAK Health & Fitness Zoom Fitness Classes

There are four ways you can participate in PEAK Zoom classes.

Single Zoom Class: Just like when we are in person, you can pay to participate in a specific class you are interested in and receive the meeting ID and password for that individual class. Price varies based on class. See attached schedule for details. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access recordings of your class later if you happen to miss it, but this may be great motivation to make it to class!

Total Zoom Pass: Access every PEAK fitness class taught on Zoom! This will allow you to join multiple live zoom classes happening throughout the week with live instruction and motivation. Check out the schedule. There are so many times and classes to choose from!

Fitness On-Demand Pass: Access the recordings of live Zoom fitness classes, allowing you to participate at any time convenient for you. This pass does NOT include the live classes. While technical difficulties do occur, 80% of classes will be available to you approximately 1 week after they are held live.

All-Access Pass: Access to all our fitness classes for both the live class experience on Zoom and the on-demand recordings in case you miss your regular class time. Get the benefits of exercising in real time with your favorite instructor and have the ability to replay classes that you missed due to other obligations.

Fitness Class Offerings

Interim Classes (December 7-22, 2020 & January 4-15, 2021)

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Spring Classes (January 20-April 28, 2021)

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At-Home Workout Equipment List

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What Equipment Do I Need for Class?

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Fitness Class Etiquette


  1. Turn on your video and audio when class begins. This helps create a community feel and allows you to connect with others.
  2. Leave your video on, but turn audio off once class begins. With your video on, our instructors can provide you with feedback on form as well as encouragement to keep going!
  3. Use the Chat feature. Ask questions, provide encouragement to other classmates, and share ideas in the chat.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask questions! If something isn't clear or you need a modification, please ask!
  5. Provide feedback. Let your instructors know if something isn't working. If something needs more attention, please email us at
  6. Enjoy your fitness class! Any additional questions, please contact

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