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About Our Program

Our spinal cord program helps patients recover after different types of injury. We focus on helping patients become independent and improve their quality of life through innovative techniques, equipment, and programs.

We are a CARF-accredited outpatient rehab center.

Specialized Equipment

Patients with spinal cord injuries can access some of the latest, most advanced rehabilitation equipment in our clinic. Our specialized equipment helps patients achieve their personal recovery goals.

Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Program: This program offers an exoskeletal device helps spinal cord injury patients stand upright and take steps. It mimics your natural walking pattern and helps you relearn how to walk. 

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES):Functional electrical stimulation equipment uses electricity to help your muscles recover and improve your cardiovascular health. We offer access to a full range of FES equipment:

  • RT600 stander/stepper
  • RT300 upper extremity cycle
  • RT300 lower extremity cycle
  • RT200 recumbent elliptical
  • SAGE portable multi-channel stimulationInMotion Upper Extremity Robot: This device uses robotic arms to help you move and successfully complete the muscle repetitions you need for motor learning and recovery.

Driving Simulator: Our driving simulator has a variety of adaptive hand controls that prepare you for pre-driving practice.

Brain Gym: Our Brain Gym helps patients with spinal cord injuries perform tasks that usually require fine motor skills (like turning on electronics). Patients can use hands-free and wearable devices to complete everyday tasks. The Brain Gym also uses computers, games, tools, and adaptive switches to help patients perform important tasks like locking the house door when they’re away from home.

Female U of U Health employee helps a woman with a lift chair in a large gym

Unique Recovery Programs

Our outpatient recovery programs are an important extension to hospital-based rehabilitation and facilitate lifelong activity and wellness.

Wellness Program

For patients with spinal cord injuries, our wellness program provides a full set of tools to improve physical, emotional, and social health and well-being. Our expert therapists use assistive technology and games to help patients relearn important life skills and rejoin their community.

Our program offers several services and activities:

  • Exercise/strength conditioning
  • Health risk management
  • Nutrition consultation & weight management
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Circuit resistance training
  • Training to strengthen your upper body

The program also offers driving practice so patients with spinal cord injuries can learn how to drive again.

Our equipment is wheelchair accessible.

TRAILS (Technology, Recreation, Access, Independence, Lifestyle, & Sports) Program

TRAILS prepares patients with spinal cord injuries to live an active, healthy lifestyle through sports and exercise, recreation experiences, and education.

As an outreach program, TRAILS provides year-round programming.

A U of U Health employee helps a woman use driving simulator at Sugar House Health Center

Fund For Spinal Cord Injury Patients

The Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund was established during the 2012 Utah legislative session. This fund provides support for people with spinal cord injuries who need physical, occupational, or speech therapy services, or specialized equipment for daily living activities.

What Services Are Provided?

The Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Fund provides the following services:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy for speech, language, and cognition*
  • Wheelchair evaluations
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Community re-entry
  • Driving evaluations
  • Help returning to work
  • Help returning to school

*Speech therapy is available for people throughout the state of Utah through telemedicine services

Other services are available, but the following services are not covered through the SCI/TBI fund:

  • Physician follow-up
  • Neuropsychology testing
  • Rehabilitation psychology
  • Wellness exercise programs**

**Wellness is provided at a monthly cost.

Who Can Use the Fund?

The SCI/TBI fund is designed to be the “payer of last resort.” This means the fund is intended for people who have no other financial options to pay for therapy or equipment.

For More information or to apply for the fund, please call 801-581-2221. You can also learn more about the fund by visiting the state’s website.

How Do I Quality For Services?

To qualify for the fund, you must take several steps:

  • Have a diagnosis of a traumatic or non-progressive spinal cord injury and/or a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (this must be documented by a doctor)
  • Have a doctor’s referral for therapy
  • Have no other funding sources for therapy
  • Complete an application for eligibility
  • Provide proof of residence in the state of Utah