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Keeping It Buff

During this prime time of your life, you want to be at your best. Hopefully you’ve established a regular exercise routine including cardiovascular exercise—running, basketball, biking, walking, or other heart and lung-working moves—and strength training. You will also be at your best if you get regular check-ups every three years.

Of course, you don’t need to have bulging muscles and washboard abs to be healthy. Getting moderate exercise and watching what you eat will help you manage any potential health problems before they even begin to develop.

Since your flexibility will begin to decrease and your muscles will lose some of their strength during these years, regular exercise will also help you keep a full range of motion and flexibility. Try interval training to help you focus on maintaining strength and balance as well.

It's All in the Family

Another hallmark of life in your 30s is family responsibility. Whether you are looking to start a family or maintaining the one you have, sexual health is particularly important. Along with those regular checkups, you should be aware of safe sex practices.

And if you are having difficulty starting a family, there are many options for treating infertility. Don’t be afraid to explore these—now is the time!

Paying It Forward

You can probably get a pretty good idea now of health problems you may encounter in the future. It’s good to note your family’s medical history and think about the best strategies to prevent what you can now.

While no one wants to plan for potential illness or physical health problems, self-awareness will improve your quality of life in the years to come. Don’t put off a future pay-off. Start taking care of yourself now.

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