The Team Behind the Team

As a former host city and home to hundreds of U.S. Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, we’ve always felt a connection to the Olympic Games.

U of U Health was selected for this role because of its:

  • longstanding history of high-quality medical care;
  • leadership in sports and research initiatives; and
  • location, which allows us to support Team USA athletes where they train.

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University of Utah Health became an official member of the United States Olympics Committee (USOC) family in May 2016, when it joined the USOC’s National Medical Network. As its newest member, U of U Health is entrusted to provide medical care to America’s top 1,000 athletes.

What We Provide

Orthopedic medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery services to talented and driven individuals.

The Right Fit

As a member of the network, U of U Health has the opportunity to collaborate on meaningful research, including leading a Zika study prior to the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and efforts to prevent injury in female athletes.

University of Utah Health is thrilled to be part of the USOC’s National Medical Network and to provide care to help these athletes perform at their highest levels. We are able to come together as a team of physicians, physical therapists and dieticians to consult with these athletes as needed to not only prevent illness and injuries but to keep them strong and in peak condition. It’s an amazing opportunity to play such a vital role in Utah’s ongoing Olympic legacy.

Christopher Gee, MD, MPH

Meet Team USA Physician Chris Gee, MD

Chris Gee, MD