What Causes Hip Pain?

As one of the most stable joints in the body, the hip is very important in keeping us upright and mobile; however, because most of the body’s weight rests on the hip, it can develop pain in the muscles, tendons, or bursae (joint cushioning).

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Hip Conditions

The University Health Orthopaedic Center specializes in treating hip pain and conditions from reconstruction and replacement to correcting abnormalities or traumatic injuries.

Hip Preservation

Our center is the front runner in hip preservation research and development, which means better care for patients with abnormal hip conditions and extended life in patient’s hips. Our services treat the following conditions:

The focus of hip preservation is on biological reconstruction of the hip for optimal movement and interaction of the hip joint, ball, and socket. Abnormal hip joints can cause pain in your everyday life and have been shown to be the leading cause of osteoarthritis.