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Recommended Equipment

After your total joint replacement, you will benefit from several pieces of equipment to make your daily activities easier and safer. Your doctor and physical therapist will recommend the equipment best suited for your needs. This equipment is not typically covered by insurance, and it will be up to you to purchase them.

Seat/Shower Bench

This seat allows you to sit while bathing and provides safety while in the shower.

Elevated Toilet Seat

This device is attached to your toilet seat to elevate its height.

*Required for six weeks.


A reacher is used to pick up items off the floor and help you get dressed.

Dressing Stick

This device has a hook on one end and a pusher on the other end. It is used to help put on pants, skirts, and pull up zippers.

Sock Aid

This aid helps you safely put on your sock.

Long-Handled Bath Sponge

This sponge helps you clean hard-to-reach areas while bathing.

Long-Handled Shoe Horn

This shoehorn is attached to a long stick and allows you to put on shoes while sitting or standing.

Seat Cushion

Cushions are used to elevate the seat height of a chair, couch, car, or other surface.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in the shower/tub and near the toilet can improve independence and safety. (We do not recommend suction cup grab bars.)