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Office Phone Numbers

Hip & Knee Center

Phone: 801-587-7109

Hours: 8 am–4 pm, Mon–Fri

Please allow 48 hours to make or change an appointment, or for medication refills. Our on-call providers do not authorize medication refills on nights or weekends. You will be asked to contact the office during regular business hours.

If the office is closed, call University of Utah Hospital at 801-581-2121. Ask to speak to the joint replacement provider.

Office Staff


  • Dr. Peters
  • Dr. Pelt
  • Dr. Gililland
  • Dr. Anderson
  • Dr. Archibeck

When to Call Your Doctor

Please call your doctor if: 

  • Your incision is draining or redness/swelling increases.
  • Your incision is opening up.
  • You have a temperature over 101.5 degrees.
  • You have chills, a cough, or feel weak and achy.
  • You have calf pain and swelling that does not improve with elevation.
  • You have new redness or pain in lower leg.
  • You have questions or concerns about your surgery, medications, or treatment plan.

When to Call 911

Call 911 Immediately If you experience any of the following

  • A pop and strange twist to your leg with or without bearing weight. This may be a sign you have dislocated your hip.
  • Inability to lift your foot and straighten your knee.
  • Sudden difficulty breathing, chest pain, or chest pain when you cough.
  • Shaking chills or a temperature over 101.5 degrees.
  • A severe fall and the inability to bear any weight on your leg.
  • Numb, cold, or blue/pale looking toes.