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Text Message Reminders for Your Appointment

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Life is busy and sometimes little things can fall off the radar—like remembering an upcoming medical appointment. The good news is that University of Utah Health now offers text message reminders for many outpatient appointments. 

Designed with your privacy in mind, these simple reminders show up automatically on your mobile device and provide the date, time, and location of your appointment.

So, go ahead and focus on the areas of your life that need the most attention. When it comes to upcoming medical appointments, you can leave the remembering to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Below is a list of frequently asked questions that may be helpful:

Do I need to sign up to receive text reminders?

You are automatically signed up if you have a mobile number in our computer system and if your clinician participates in the text reminder program. Please check with clinic staff, either in person or on the phone, to ensure we have your correct mobile number, or to update your information. 

How do I update my phone number?

There are three ways you can easily update your information:

  1. Through MyChart (if you have a registered account). Click on the "preference" tab and then on "update your demographics."
  2. In person with clinic staff
  3. Over the phone by calling your clinic staff

What information is provided in the text reminder?

Only necessary information about your appointment is provided, such as date of appointment, time of appointment, and location.

Why doesn't the text include more detailed information about my appointment?

To ensure your privacy, the text message reminder program is intentionally designed to provide only the date, time, and location of your appointment. Also, due to technical standards, each text is limited to 160 characters.

Can I reply to the text message with questions about my appointment?

The text reminder program only allows recipients to confirm an appointment (if that feature is available for your scheduled provider) or to opt-out of future text reminders. If you have questions about your appointment, we encourage you to contact the clinic directly. 

Do I have to confirm my appointment?

Confirming your appointment is not required. However, we strongly recommend that you confirm if that option is available.

Can I cancel my appointment via text?

Cancelling your appointment via text is not available at this time. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please contact the clinic staff using the number provided.

What if I do not have a cell/mobile phone number?

At this point, text reminders are only available to patients who have a mobile phone. However, if your clinician participates in automatic reminder calls and you have a valid phone number in our system, you will continue to receive voice call reminders.

Will I receive both a text and a phone call?

In some cases, you may receive both. In most cases, however, clinicians will likely set notifications for either text or voice reminders. If you have any questions about the notifications you’re receiving, please contact the clinic directly. 

Will every provider send text message reminders?

While most areas plan to participate, some clinicians may choose other types of communication. If you have questions about whether your clinician is participating, please contact your clinic directly. 

Am I going to be charged for the text?

Standard text message fees from your mobile carrier may apply, but you will never receive a charge from University of Utah Health for receiving text appointment reminders.

How do I opt-out of text message reminders?

There are two ways to opt out:

  1. Each text message reminder you receive will provide an option and instructions on how to opt out
  2. Ask clinic staff to opt you out either in person or by calling the clinic

Can a land line receive text messages?

At this point, text message reminders can only be sent to mobile numbers.

What if my text/data plan is full?

If your text/data plan is full, there is a chance you will not receive an appointment reminder. For details about your particular phone plan, please contact your mobile carrier.