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Text Messages Related to Your Care

Our New Text Messaging System


University of Utah Health is changing how we send text messages to our patients. If you currently receive text messages from U of U Health, the phone number you receive texts from will change. They will now come from our 5-digit short code: 32359. Patients who choose not to opt in will no longer receive text messages about their care.

This includes these text messages related to your care:

  • Health visits
  • MyChart account
  • Billing notifications
  • Prescription reminders
  • Care management

If you have not received text messages about your health care before, you can enroll now.

Getting Started

How to Enroll in Text Message Reminders

To sign up for text messages from University of Utah Health, text “START“ to 32359.  

You can also sign up for text messaging in MyChart

  1. Select “Communication Preferences” from the main menu.
  2. Click the “Subscribe” button under the Text Message section.
  3. Use the toggle button to turn on your text message subscription.

How to Control Which Communications You Receive

You can set or change your communication preferences in MyChart at any time:

  1. Select “Communication Preferences” from the main menu.
  2. In the General section under Settings, verify that notifications are toggled on for each of your preferred method(s) of contact: 
    1. Email
    2. Text message
    3. Push notification (applicable for MyChart mobile app users)
    4. Phone
    5. Mail
  3. In the Details section of the screen, you can update the notification settings for specific communications around appointments, billing, and the like.
    1. Use the dropdown arrow to expand a communication type.
    2. Toggle on or off the switches to indicate how you’d like to receive those communications.
      Note: With a communication type expanded, you can also go into Advanced settings to review and update your preferences at a more granular level.
  4. When finished with your preferences, select “save changes”.

For more assistance, call us at 801-213-9500.

How to Update Your Phone Number for Text Reminders

There are multiple ways to update your phone number:

  • Update your contact information in your MyChart account. Go to Personal Information from the main menu.
  • Call us at 801-213-9500.
  • Ask the front desk staff to update it for you during check-in at your next appointment.

Texts About Your Appointments

How Appointment Text Messages Work

You will receive an appointment confirmation text message seven days before your appointment. To protect your privacy, the text reminders will only include limited information. This information could include the following about your appointment: 

  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Location 

Please review each of these to make sure they are correct. 

Reply with the keywords shown in the message to confirm, reschedule, or cancel the appointment. 

Confirming your appointment is not required; however, we strongly recommend you confirm your appointment. 

If you haven't confirmed your appointment, you will receive a second reminder text two days before your appointment.

What If I Do Not Have a Cell Phone Number?

If you have a valid phone number in our system, you will receive voice call reminders instead of text messages.

Are You Waitlisted for an Earlier Appointment?

If you would like a different appointment time and have been put on the waitlist, you may receive additional text messages offering a new appointment time and/or date. You can either accept (reschedule) or decline the new appointment by using the text message prompts.

If you choose to reschedule, the new appointment slot will replace your previously scheduled appointment. If you decline the new appointment offer, you will continue to remain on the waitlist until you complete your appointment or are removed from the waitlist.

Costs & Phone Plans

Is There a Cost?

Standard text message fees from your mobile carrier may apply. You will never receive a charge from U of U Health for sending or receiving text messages.  

Can I Send a Text Message to My Care Team?

No, this text message system is not a direct connection to your health care team. The system only processes specific keywords like “START” and “HELP”. Any other text messages sent to this number are ignored.

If you need to reach your care team, please use MyChart or call your clinic directly.

What If My Text/Data Plan Is Full?

If your text/data plan is full, there is a chance you will not receive an appointment reminder. Contact your mobile carrier for details about your phone plan.

What If I Have an International Phone Number?

We cannot text numbers outside of the US. This includes phone numbers related to Skype or other international carriers.

Opting Out of Text Message Reminders

To stop receiving automated text messages from U of U Health, text “STOP” to 32359. You can also update your opt-out status from the Communication Preferences page in MyChart. Select “manage your subscription”.

You can opt in again by texting "START" to 32359. You can also re-enroll from the Communication Preferences page in MyChart or by calling us at 801-213-9500 for assistance.