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Organized Health Care Arrangements (OHCA)

University of Utah Health currently participates in organized health care arrangements (“OHCA”) with other health care providers and insurers in the community. We may exchange protected health information (PHI) with other OHCA participants for joint activities including treatment, care coordination, quality assessment and improvement activities, utilization reviews, and payment activities.

Your PHI may be shared with other OHCA participants without your authorization, but only to the extent permitted by state and federal laws. We participate in OHCAs to collectively improve and support the delivery and management of high quality, innovative, and cost-effective care.

Current Participants

These OHCA participants share access to U of U Health’s electronic medical record system:

  • Sublette County Rural Health Care District
  • Carson Tahoe Regional Health Care
  • Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc. dba Fourth Street Clinic

U of U Health participates in an OHCA involving clinically integrated care settings that includes:

  • IHC Health Services, Inc. (with respect to certain pediatric specialty services)

U of U Health participates in an OHCA with these insurers:

  • University of Utah Health Insurance Plans and its subsidiary Health Choice Utah.

U of U Health participates in an OHCA with these community health care providers:

  • Community Nursing Services