Microvascular Reconstruction of Legs, Feet, & Toes (Ischemic Extremities)

All parts of our body need blood flow to survive. But, our lower extremities (legs, feet, and toes) lose blood flow more often than other parts of our body. Traumatic injuries to the blood vessels in our lower extremities can cause blood flow loss called ischemia. Blood clots also prevent blood from flowing through our blood vessels.

To prevent blood flow loss, surgeons reconstruct injured blood vessels and remove clots that form inside them. In conjunction with our colleagues in vascular surgery, our surgical team can help improve blood flow.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Traumatic injuries can damage nerves in the arms or the legs. When nerves become injured, patients suffer motor loss with decreased motion, or experience sensory loss with numbness.

How quickly nerves heal depends on the type of injury a patient suffers:

  • If the nerve is bruised, it must heal on its own. This healing process can last from several days to several months.
  • If the nerve is lacerated, surgeons suture the torn ends of the nerve together. This procedure has a slower recovery process.

Nerves tend to recover or regrow at the rate of 1 inch per month. From the site of nerve injury to the site of nerve expression, the recovery may take months, depending on the distance the recovered nerve needs to grow.