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Telehealth Specialties

Virtual Visits

Do you need care from a physician or health care team, but don’t want to travel dozens or even hundreds of miles to get the care you need? Virtual visits use video cameras and monitors to connect you to specialists who are not located near you, meaning you do not have to travel to get the care you need.

Telemedicine Services

TeleBehavioral Health

TeleBehavioral health benefits communities by providing state-of-the-art specialized care to patients without the hassle, cost, or inconvenience of traveling to areas where the service is offered in person. TeleBehavioral health provides crisis evaluations, medication management, and traditional psychiatric evaluations.

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Even if you are hundreds of miles away from a burn center, you can receive top-of-the-line care and consultation for burn injuries. TeleBurn is a pioneer in using telemedicine for immediate and continued evaluation and treatment of burn injuries, cold injuries, and wounds in the Mountain West.

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Getting the best care for your heart can sometimes mean you have to travel hours away from your home. Our TeleCardiology services allow you to get the expert care you need without the stress of traveling far away from where you live.

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Do you have a cut, suspicious mole, or skin growth - but you're not sure if you need to travel to a doctor's office for an examination? TeleDermatology services connect you with expert care and evaluations before you ever even step foot out of your home.

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Critical illness can happen anywhere. University of Utah Health's TeleICU puts critical care where you are. Our team will work with you to tailor critical care services to meet your unique needs. TeleICU services help treat acute and chronic renal failure, cardiovascular instability, sepsis, and more.

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Receiving top-of-the-line follow-up care after plastic surgery doesn't always mean you have to leave your house. Through our telemedicine program, University of Utah Health's plastic surgery specialists are able to provide follow-up wound care visits with patients at facilities in the patient's home area.

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If you have a disabling health condition, you have enough to worry about besides how you'll get to your next therapy appointment. TelePM&R services provide expert health care from the comfort of your own home or at a health care facility near you.

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Do you use speech therapy services, but can't always find the time to travel to your appointment? TeleSpeech therapy brings speech therapy services directly to your home, or to a health facility near you.

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TeleStroke consultation reduces the need to transfer patients to other health facilities. After their stroke, patients can complete appropriate evaluation and treatment plans in the comfort of their home community. University of Utah Health's TeleStroke program provides around-the-clock, acute stroke expertise to hospitals around the west.

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Project ECHO

Project ECHO is a cost-free partnership between community providers and a University of Utah Health interdisciplinary team of professionals developed to treat chronic and complex disease in rural and underserved areas through the use of technology.

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