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The Big Benefit of Five For Life for Men

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The Big Benefit of Five For Life for Men

Sep 30, 2015

What’s the biggest benefit to the Five for Life program? Men who sign up can meet with experts they normally wouldn’t get to see. Your insurance pays for a doctor visit but you can meet with several different specialists free of charge. Dr. Brian Ely talks about some of the screenings and advice you can get.

Episode Transcript

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Interviewer: What's the difference between a regular physical and what we call a Five For Life visit at University of Utah Health Care? We're with Dr. Brian Ely. He's at the South Jordan Clinic. Tell us what the big advantage is, why I might want to choose a Five For Life visit over a physical.

Why Should I Get a Five for Life Visit?

Dr. Ely: I think the biggest advantages of the Five For Life program over a regular physical is that you get to meet with the physical therapist and dietician. In my regular office, you're not going to meet with a dietician or a physical therapist, and usually your insurance won't pay for you to see a dietician and a physical therapist, whereas with the Five For Life program you get to meet with them directly at no additional cost to you, which I think is a huge benefit, especially if you have any changes that you're wanting to make or contemplating making.

The dietician can be there to guide you through those changes that you might want to make in your diet. The same with the physical therapist. If you have little nagging injuries that you wouldn't normally go to the doctor for, but you're not sure what you want to do with them or how to take care of them, the physical therapist can give you some pointers that otherwise you'd end up having to pay a whole separate visit for, a co-pay for. The same with the dietician. They don't usually cover it at all, so it's a big benefit.

Interviewer: So in the Five For Life you not only get the physical exam, the annual exam, you do the blood pressure and check me out and make sure, but then those two added bonuses as well.

Dr. Ely: Yeah, I think those are huge bonuses. If I was looking to get a physical and I wanted to talk to a dietician or thought I might want to make dietary changes, I would much prefer to come to the Five For Life event than a regular physical. That's not to say the regular physical is not beneficial, but I think there are just some added benefit with the Five For Life program that's not there with a typical physical exam.

Interviewer: Yeah. So when you call to make that appointment, ask for that Five For Life appointment.

Dr. Ely: I would, yeah.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Dr. Ely: I think they're really beneficial in that way.

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